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RndmWay (RandomWay) +++FASTER+++NOW ALL IN ONE+++NEW FEATURES+++ Did you ever want to program a running symbol at the homescreen of your TI84+ CE and the symbol runs in random directions? Well, this little code in TI-Basic is the fastest and shortest realization! (ok, if you know a better one, … 35
OBUBBLES This program draws random bubble pictures on your graph screen! You can set four different parameters for drawing and enjoy features like storing the picture or reloading your last sets! Have fun! OBUBBLES by DAVID-19 in TI-Basic for TI+ 84 CE 18
FallingTiles This is a simple game where you are between two walls and tiles fall down from the sky. Move around to don`t let the tiles hit you! Though the gameplay looks is very simple it can be very challenging! Three difficultiy modes and different stats included! FallingTiles… 26
ABACUS CE Emulate a cool ancient math tool on your modern math tool! Probably the simplest emulator written in TI-Basic! features: -show current number -reset beads -auto-off 4


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