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Whether you are a beginner or a master mental calculator, Mental Math is a great program for learning how to compute problems in your head much faster than doing them on paper. Have fun! Version 2.0.1 CE 185 10/10
  • /84pce/asm/games/
Apply to Omicron 34, the world's first and only calculator-based, online, special agent academy! Learn how to unravel clues, pick locks, and hack computers as you prepare to become the world's next super-spy! Version: 1.0 CE 194 10/10
  • /84pce/asm/programs/
HexaEdit CE is a powerful, on-calc hex editor for the TI-84 Plus CE. It allows you to view and edit the contents of any BASIC, ICE, C, or ASM program as well as any appvars and your calculator's RAM! It features byte insertion and deletion, a fast "Goto" function, hex-to-decimal… 64


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