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BASE: Attack and Invade [UPDATE] Base is an exciting edition to Base Attack and Base Invade. In this program, it includes Base Attack and Base Invade, 28 unlockable achievements, difficulty levels, gameplay stats, and more! NEW UPDATE: Base has now been converted to a FLASH APPLICATION. Still needs Celtic 3 to … 32
xFiles: An advanced file Manager 1.06 xFiles is a program that manages programs, app vars, groups, and lists. It has the ability to extract program and appvar files in groups to either RAM or Archive. It can also back up and restore lists so you don't have to worry about losing TI-BASIC game data. You can also manag… 27
Token Finder Pro Token Finder Pro is a program that can access special tokens and commands that you aren't able to access normally as a TI-Basic User. This program has the ability to find and save any token between #0000 and #FFFF. Even tokens that aren't available, in sections #EF41 to #EFFF (S… 12
Maze Runner [ Update 9-23-20 1.02 Maze Runner is an exciting unique maze-like game for the TI-84 Plus and TI-84 Plus Silver Edition. This program contains 15 exciting and challenging levels, a level editor, quickest time records, and more! --- © 2020 CELTIC III PRODUCTIONS, all rights are reserved. Users of this… 31
zShell: A sleek, small, and powerful shell zShell is a shell for easy program management. It allows you to do basic functions for programs; such as archiving, hiding, locking, executing, deleting, copying, and sending to App Vars. You can also sort programs based on their size. This can run on the monochrome versions … 6
TI-84 Plus Font for the TI-84 Plus CE. Title says it all. Read the included readme file for details. 17
Omnicalc Font Editor This is a new font editor based off an old program by Zeda. Please read the `Read Me 1.00.pdf` for more details. This is now fully functional, with more features. Some are auto-backups, font organization, and more. Enjoy! The Read me file has lots of juicy information abo… 20
TI-Command Line α TI-Command Line is a simple command-line tool written in pure basic. The program includes 17 built-in default commands for you to toy around with. You also have the ability to install and remove custom functions that include BASIC or Assembly code. This release: v1.01α Compa… 6


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