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  • /83/asm/games/
Here comes for the first time BiMbAlL! for the 83+/84+ series of calculators! Bimball is a game similar to Basketball, WallBall (by me as well), and apparently Slimeball (another great game for the 83+/84+)! ---------- The goal of the game is to bounce the ball in the basket to … 260
  • /83/basic/games/
My very first game :) never finished, but you have to admit, it was rather ambitious and cool for a first. I made it in 8th grade, around 2 years ago from now. It features some weird storyline I forgot about (possibly NSFW, for saying a cuss word or two, IIRC), ion cannons, pr… 191
  • /prizm/games/
An unfinished Prizm game I made for a contest; feel free to use the source as you like. It's basically a simcity game for the prizm. 8773
  • /prizm/games/
A galaga-like game written in C for the Prizm; very nice graphics, if I do say so myself. Open source. Don't steal the source pl0x. Beta 1; if you have improvements, post them in the Raptor thread. 13317
  • /prizm/games/
I present to you, the laurels of about... maybe an hour of work... PONG! This version of PONG is for the Casio Prizm, very true to the original, and meeting the goals of development I planned for it: - under 50KB total for the entire Add-in - achieves over 15 … 19570 9/10
  • /83plus/asm/games/
This great game is not only the first calc tunnel game of it's time (it is based completely on angle movements and velocities) but it is also the best looking and pleasing to the eye! You can set many special effects to take place while you play! Want to make the vector longer? … 456 8/10
  • /83plus/asm/graphics/
Rule and Conquer Trailer 1 is a beautiful 4 level grayscale trailer for my game in progress (note: not anymore, but this demo video was pretty cool back then, I thought). 68
  • /83plus/asm/games/
Wallball 83+ is a game for the Ti8x family in assembly. The goal of the game is to bounce the ball against the wall for points (the higher on the wall, the more points you get). If the ball bounces on the ground more than 100 times, then it is game over for you! If you want to s… 449
  • /83plus/asm/programs/
An eBook for portable, easy to understand yet very complete translation of a certian z80 command you totally forgot on the fly. I recommend it heavily for Mimas users, as you can easily access all of the commands (except undocumented for now) in the z80 microprocessor language. 361
  • /prizm/games/
Rainbow Unicorn Attack-like game for the prizm... with ponies! Who doesn't love ponies? Run and fly, avoiding clouds and eating apples as Rainbow Dash in this exciting game, where you train to become the fastest athlete ever in order to join the Winderbolts flying sqadron! On… 15939 5.5/10
  • /prizm/programs/
The Prizm can finally be overclocked, or underclocked, at will! Want to play a game faster? Want to slow down operations to save your battery life a bit? Now you can overclock up to 94.3MHz, or underclock to as low as 3.6 MHz at the touch of a few keys! A very handy, small u… 2724 9.6/10
  • /prizm/tools/SuperH
Highlighting scheme for SuperH assembly for the Prizm, for notepad++. Supports all registers (normal and special), instructions, instruction suffixes, and GNU Assembler directives. Code in AT&T syntax, in style! 1382 3/10
  • /text/
Up to date Notepad++ support for the latest standard of Redcode for Core Wars. Supports all ICWB \'88 and \'94 standard opcodes, extensions, modifications, and memory modes, along with pMARS 0.8 private space instructions. Also supports assert, for/rof, pin, org, end, comments… 445
  • /83plus/asm/games/
Pyyrix's most excellent adventure is perhaps one of the best platformers for the ti8x family of calcs ever made. Some call it Blockdude on steroids. Some call it mario with stuff that actually makes it cool. Even some others call it "The Game" because it's so good. You can now o… 464 9.5/10
  • /comp/
  • /prizm/tools/
This utility is a plugin for the pixel-pushing program GrafX2, that easily converts sprites and pictures into RGB 565 values and dumps them into a .h file that can be immediately used for Casio fxCG-10/20 Prizm development. This allows for practical use of GrafX2 as a spritin… 445 10/10


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