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As of 16 hours, 44 minutes ago, 0rac343 had authored 3 files. The following statistics were current then, but may have changed in the intervening time.

With 3 files, 0rac343 is at rank 27 among all users for number of files authored. These files have been downloaded 1394 times, placing 0rac343 at rank 261 for total downloads of their files.

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Slide: BETA 4 This is only a BETA release. It is, however, a fully function game with 11 levels, along with a level editor. Read Me included. 342
Oktober RPG: Seasons BETA 3 It's finally out, after months of sitting on my calculator. The first 2 playable seasons: Summer and Winter. Winter quest are still buggy. Summer is fully complete, and both seasonal monster sets are done. There are collectible Items to turn in for quest rewards. This RPG includ… 449
Darkness Falls "From the begining of times, since creation, mortal man has always been left free to their choices. But now their is one among the other Gods who opposes that view and strives to influence the mortals in their daily lives. You found out and tried to put an end to it. Little did … 608


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