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Update: Now with a map editor for xLIBC! TokenIDE is an Interactive Development Environment for TI-BASIC for the TI-73, TI-82, TI-83, TI-83+ series, TI-84+ series, and the TI-84+ Color Silver Edition. Now includes support for xLibC! Its goal is to provide BASIC programmers the ability to develop their programs on the computer, and provide tools to make the development process easier. This version has the ability to load and build BASIC programs, with control over how the program is rendered by TokenIDE, including customizable syntax highlighting. It also includes a built in hex sprite editor, DCS GUI editor, and image editor. This program is written in C#, and has been tested on Linux using Mono 2.10. Note: The readme file is pretty out dated on this, but I figured I'd get an update out there. There have been a lot of changes.


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TokenIDE/README.docx 19.8 KB
TokenIDE/README.txt 11.2 KB
TokenIDE/TI-83P Font.ttf 19.2 KB
TokenIDE/TokenIDE.exe 1.5 MB
TokenIDE/TokenIDE.ini 516 bytes
TokenIDE/Tokens/AxeTokens.xml 57.3 KB
TokenIDE/Tokens/DCS8.xml 12.0 KB
TokenIDE/Tokens/GrammerTokens.xml 43.3 KB
TokenIDE/Tokens/NoLib.xml 44.7 KB
TokenIDE/Tokens/Prizm.xml 28.4 KB
TokenIDE/Tokens/TI-73.xml 25.2 KB
TokenIDE/Tokens/TI-82.xml 39.4 KB
TokenIDE/Tokens/TI-84+CSE.xml 53.0 KB
TokenIDE/Tokens/Tokens.xml 55.9 KB
TokenIDE/Tokens/Tokens.xsd 3.1 KB
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9 years, 2 months ago


8.8/10 (11 votes)


This is the best IDE for TI 83/84 calculator programs I have come across- much more advanced than TI Coder, this is much needed and sought for, but hard to find. I hope that it continues undergoing development. Thoughts on possible features to make this the ultimate and a more popular/findable program:
1. The default command reference is huge. It needs to be broken up, similarly to in TI Coder 1.0.
2. There needs to be a quick and easy way to add my own command library, say I have made a shell I have made. Couldn't there be an easy way to "add a library" and add command names (what I would type into the interface), the actual output on the TI (how it would look on the TI, for example, real(12,"2x")), and a description for what each command does? That would be AWESOME.
3. More detail on how functions work needs to be added to the command reference.
4. The read-me ought to be accessed from the About Menu, and an offline in-program tutorial for TI-Basic should be there.
5. When I save a .8xp file, or any file of its type, I would like it to automatically generate a .8xp file and associate a .txt file with it for editing, maybe the .txt file could be given a Token IDE specific file extension to clear confusion. That way, when I open a .8xp file I have been editing, its associated .txt file would be launched in the IDE window, and when I save it, a new .8xp file would be automatically generated as well, overwriting the old one.
6. When I create a file, I would like to have an option for it to be a .txt or .8xp, .8xn (variable), .8Xm (matrix), .8Xl (list), .8xi (image), or .8xs (string) file. An editor for these other file types within the program, although TI-Connect already has it, would make it more user-friendly and easier to make programs.
7. I'm not sure how the project option is supposed to work, but it would be nice to be able to create a project directory, in which I may store all my readme.txt and other program files which I would compress in a .zip file to share with people, and have these files graphically displayed in the project tab to the right.
8. If the project option above were created, I would like to have a build option which really integrates with Basic Builder. If I chose to build a project directory, then all the .txt or other unnecessary files would be removed, all the programs, pictures, and strings, etc. would stay, and Token would automatically load these into an application, similarly to Basic Builder.
9. Can an emulator be included with this, so that one could debug a program or application?
10. The picture editor is great. Could it automatically save pictures as .8xi files though? Thank you. I love this program!


  1. TokenIDE (published 9 years, 2 months ago; 2015-03-29 15:12 UTC)