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One or two days ahead of schedule, depending on how you figure it, Doors CS 6.4 beta has been completed. This release contains both new features and a host of bug fixed based on all of your helpful reports on Doors CS 6.3 beta. Among the most notable new features is the completed "Homerun" parser hook, which allows BASIC and ASM programs, whether nostub or written for a shell, in ROM or in RAM, and even Doors CS AP files such as Document DE files, to be run directly from the homescreen. This is made possible by a complete overhaul of the program execution system (RunProg) within Doors CS, which some of you may have been following over the last several weeks. Another new feature is much more powerful FileOpen, FileSave, and FileSaveAs routines, which will be a boon for programmers writing programs for DCS7 that work with files. With some heroic assistance from the indomitable Brandon Wilson, I traced some very difficult bugs, and patch quite a number of more minor bugs. As always, I worked on several small tweaks to improve the user experience. As an added bonus, I've included a beta of Document DE 7, as I believe Document DE 6 may be unstable under Doors CS 6.3 beta and 6.4 beta. Please give this release a try, and continue to let me know about bugs that you find, features that you'd like, and comments that you have. Doors CS 6.5 beta, planned for June 20th or earlier, will contain a full set of XLib and Celtic III compatibility routines.


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