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This is a program that can solve for any real triangle and graph it.

Note: Due to the use of color variables, it is unlikely to work on calculators with non color screens (TI-84+/TI-83)

Previous Features:
1. Will solve for any real triangle
2. Works in both degree and radian modes
3. Will detect if 2 SSA triangles are possible and will solve for both
4. Any non real triangle will result in an error message
5. Includes "Help" section on the second page that explains how to use it
6. 2 graphing modes, the first will fit the triangle to the screen, the second will graph it to scale

New features/Improvements:
1. Will solve a triangle based off of 3 coordinates
2. Fit/to Scale is now automated but can be changed manually if needed
3. Program runs a little bit faster when switching between graph and stats screen
4. If altitudes are needed, a 3 coordinate triangle can be graphed as a standard triangle
5. Program now runs off an array list instead of variables meaning it will not overwrite current variables and the "show last triangle" feature should work more often
6. Key to array list slots included in code
7. Bug fixes

If there is anything that needs to be fixed/improved or you have made a better version, feel free to comment.


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