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This file contains 13 programs for the CASIO fx CG50: AFRAC, a program that uses continued fraction, and can give you a good approximation, as well as the exact value for denominators well above a million. APRIME: A prime finder which divides out all even numbers as well as numbers divisible with three, from number five. CFRAC, a simple and fast routine for fractions. DIVISOR: Gives the divisors of an integer, using the Augment(-utility. It also shows you the sum of all the divors, except the biggest one. LCM: The algorithm that Euclid found. Also shows the GCD. PERIOD: Shows you the period of a fraction. POLYDIV: A simple and concise program for dividing polynomials. POLYMULT: As simple as possible a program for multiplying polynomials. PRIME1: An elementary prime factor program. Shows the result as a list. PRIME2: A prime factor finder that uses a list of numbers, a piece of Erathosthenes sieve, to divide out the primes. Very fast. PRIMES and PRIMES1, are two programs that gives you the prime numbers in an interval of your choice. SOLVERY: This is the main attraction in the collection. A polynomial solver that can find factors like 5x^6-3, and of course factors all the way down to 2x-1. It can also find second degree factors like: 2x^2-8x-7, 1x^2+8x-1. You input coefficients of the equations left part as a list. The right part has to be null. The result is also showed as lists. Remember that it is the size of the list that determines the degree: 5X^6 - 3, comes out as {5 0 0 0 0 0 -3}. UPDATE: The program has got a proper routine for deciding the divisors of the first degree coefficients in the second degree factors. But I can not say it speeded up the program. At least it finds all the second degree factors now. {72,189,-104,-198,165,-34} takes around 5 minutes and 20 seconds, to solve to: {24,23,-17} and {3,5,-7,2}. Which the older versions did not manage.

Archive Contents

Name Size
AFRAC.g3m 192 bytes
APRIME.g3m 268 bytes
CASIO fx CG50.rtf 2.5 KB
CFRAC.g3m 152 bytes
DIVISOR.g3m 328 bytes
LCM.g3m 172 bytes
PERIOD.g3m 188 bytes
POLYDIV.g3m 316 bytes
POLYMULT.g3m 212 bytes
PRIME1.g3m 248 bytes
PRIME2.g3m 316 bytes
PRIMES.g3m 452 bytes
PRIMES1.g3m 316 bytes
SOLVERY.g3m 1.7 KB
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