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A new and improved version of your favorite file manager has been created, better than ever before. Full of new features and capabilities, xFiles CE will make your experience better with a fancy GUI, all possible by the amazing work of RoccoLox Programs' work of Celtic CE. Version 1.02 is included in this version, with bug fixes and other tweaks. This version contains the SPD update and Celtic CE 1.2 Beta commands!


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Archive Contents

Name Size
xFiles CE/Documentation/Changelog.txt 3.3 KB
xFiles CE/Documentation/Warnings.txt 1.4 KB
xFiles CE/Documentation/xFiles CE Read Me.txt 2.7 KB
xFiles CE/Files/0.95/CEmu users/Fast Copy.8xp 516 bytes
xFiles CE/Files/0.95/CEmu users/Font File.8xp 13.9 KB
xFiles CE/Files/0.95/CEmu users/Instructions.txt 1.3 KB
xFiles CE/Files/0.95/CEmu users/Lowercase On.8xp 83 bytes
xFiles CE/Files/0.95/CEmu users/TI-84 Font.8Xp 13.6 KB
xFiles CE/Files/0.95/CEmu users/xFiles Update.8xp 4.7 KB
xFiles CE/Files/0.95/CEmu users/XFUPD.8xp 34.1 KB
xFiles CE/Files/0.95/Physical Hardware users/Font File.8xp 13.9 KB
xFiles CE/Files/0.95/Physical Hardware users/TI-84 Font.8Xp 13.6 KB
xFiles CE/Files/0.95/Physical Hardware users/Update File.8xv 34.1 KB
xFiles CE/Files/0.95/Physical Hardware users/xFiles Update.8xp 4.7 KB
xFiles CE/Files/0.96/CEmu users/Fast Copy.8xp 516 bytes
xFiles CE/Files/0.96/CEmu users/Font File.8xp 13.9 KB
xFiles CE/Files/0.96/CEmu users/Instructions.txt 1.3 KB
xFiles CE/Files/0.96/CEmu users/Lowercase On.8xp 83 bytes
xFiles CE/Files/0.96/CEmu users/TI-84+ Font.8xp 13.6 KB
xFiles CE/Files/0.96/CEmu users/xFiles Update.8xp 4.6 KB
xFiles CE/Files/0.96/CEmu users/XFUPD.8xp 34.1 KB
xFiles CE/Files/0.96/Physical Hardware users/Font File.8xp 13.9 KB
xFiles CE/Files/0.96/Physical Hardware users/TI-84+ Font.8xp 13.6 KB
xFiles CE/Files/0.96/Physical Hardware users/Update File.8xv 34.1 KB
xFiles CE/Files/0.96/Physical Hardware users/xFiles Update.8xp 4.6 KB
xFiles CE/Files/0.97/CEmu users/Fast Install.8xp 262 bytes
xFiles CE/Files/0.97/CEmu users/Font File.8xp 13.6 KB
xFiles CE/Files/0.97/CEmu users/Instructions.txt 940 bytes
xFiles CE/Files/0.97/CEmu users/xFiles Update.8xp 4.7 KB
xFiles CE/Files/0.97/CEmu users/XFUPD.8xp 34.4 KB
xFiles CE/Files/0.97/Physical Hardware users/Font File.8xp 13.6 KB
xFiles CE/Files/0.97/Physical Hardware users/Update File.8xv 34.4 KB
xFiles CE/Files/0.97/Physical Hardware users/xFiles Update.8xp 4.7 KB
xFiles CE/Files/0.98/Skipped.txt 212 bytes
xFiles CE/Files/1.00/CEmu users/Fast Install.8xp 262 bytes
xFiles CE/Files/1.00/CEmu users/Font File.8Xp 13.6 KB
xFiles CE/Files/1.00/CEmu users/Instructions.txt 940 bytes
xFiles CE/Files/1.00/CEmu users/xFiles Update.8Xp 4.7 KB
xFiles CE/Files/1.00/CEmu users/XFUPD.8Xp 31.4 KB
xFiles CE/Files/1.00/Physical Hardware users/Font File.8Xp 13.6 KB
xFiles CE/Files/1.00/Physical Hardware users/Update File.8Xv 31.4 KB
xFiles CE/Files/1.00/Physical Hardware users/xFiles Update.8Xp 4.7 KB
xFiles CE/Files/1.02/xFiles CE Lite Font.8Xp 13.6 KB
xFiles CE/Files/1.02/xFiles CE.8Xp 34.1 KB
xFiles CE/Other/Celtic CE/Celtic CE.8Xp 18.3 KB
xFiles CE/Other/Fast Copy.8xp 516 bytes
xFiles CE/Other/Lowercase On.8xp 83 bytes
xFiles CE/Other/Unsupported/TI-84+ Font.8xp 13.6 KB
xFiles CE/Screenshots/1.02/Loading.gif 1.0 KB
xFiles CE/Screenshots/1.02/Lock.gif 1.1 KB
xFiles CE/Screenshots/1.02/Main Menu.gif 2.4 KB
xFiles CE/Screenshots/1.02/New Dialog.gif 4.1 KB
xFiles CE/Screenshots/Demo 0.95.gif 409.7 KB
xFiles CE/Screenshots/Demo 1.00.gif 2.7 MB
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