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xLIB xLIB Revolution, an hybrid-TI-BASIC Dance Dance Revolution clone with no music but featuring animated background images and a custom level editor. It was released in October 2005.

Super Mario Smash Dance is another hybrid-TI-BASIC DDR clone with no music featuring Super Mario Bros 3 monochrome sprites and a game mode where Mario power-ups and a classic mode with high speed per hybrid TI-BASIC standards.

Both games require OS 2.43 or lower and xLIB APP, which won't run on MathPrint OSes, and the last time the XXR game was tested with Celtic III and DCS7 it had major display issues.


Screenshot #8794 Screenshot #8795

Archive Contents

Name Size
Super Mario Smash Dance/archive/Pic4.8xi 832 bytes
Super Mario Smash Dance/archive/SMSD1.8xp 4.1 KB
Super Mario Smash Dance/archive/SMSD2.8xp 4.7 KB
Super Mario Smash Dance/archive/SMSD3.8xp 2.8 KB
Super Mario Smash Dance/archive/SMSD5.8xp 160 bytes
Super Mario Smash Dance/archive/SMSD6.8xp 820 bytes
Super Mario Smash Dance/archive/SMSD7.8xp 1.3 KB
Super Mario Smash Dance/archive/SMSD9.8xp 2.4 KB
Super Mario Smash Dance/archive/xLIB.8xk 14.7 KB
Super Mario Smash Dance/PLZREADME11eleventyone111.txt 5.1 KB
Super Mario Smash Dance/RAM/Pic1.8xi 832 bytes
Super Mario Smash Dance/RAM/Pic2.8xi 832 bytes
Super Mario Smash Dance/RAM/Pic3.8xi 832 bytes
Super Mario Smash Dance/RAM/SMSD.8xp 397 bytes
Super Mario Smash Dance/RAM/SMSD0.8xp 353 bytes
Super Mario Smash Dance/RAM/SMSD8.8xp 148 bytes
xLIB xLIB Revolution/changes.log 757 bytes
xLIB xLIB Revolution/Pic1.8xi 832 bytes
xLIB xLIB Revolution/Pic2.8xi 832 bytes
xLIB xLIB Revolution/Pic3.8xi 832 bytes
xLIB xLIB Revolution/Pic4.8xi 832 bytes
xLIB xLIB Revolution/Pic9.8xi 832 bytes
xLIB xLIB Revolution/readme.html 8.5 KB
xLIB xLIB Revolution/readme.html_files/2ca4affc-3c1a-11da-820c-d1f7cccaa67b.gif 2.1 KB
xLIB xLIB Revolution/readme.html_files/5f716c46-3c19-11da-820b-d1f7cccaa67b.gif 4.6 KB
xLIB xLIB Revolution/readme.html_files/8872fe34-3c19-11da-820b-d1f7cccaa67b.gif 1.8 KB
xLIB xLIB Revolution/readme.html_files/xxrlogo.jpg 87.7 KB
xLIB xLIB Revolution/readme.txt 3.5 KB
xLIB xLIB Revolution/Sample levels/XXROTFD/L1.8xl 5.3 KB
xLIB xLIB Revolution/Sample levels/XXROTFD/Pic5.8xi 832 bytes
xLIB xLIB Revolution/Sample levels/XXROTFD/Pic6.8xi 832 bytes
xLIB xLIB Revolution/Sample levels/XXROTFD/Pic7.8xi 832 bytes
xLIB xLIB Revolution/Sample levels/XXROTFD/Pic8.8xi 832 bytes
xLIB xLIB Revolution/Sample levels/XXROTFD/Str1.8xs 90 bytes
xLIB xLIB Revolution/Sample levels/XXROTFD.8xg 8.3 KB
xLIB xLIB Revolution/Sample levels/XXRSPACE/L1.8xl 1.0 KB
xLIB xLIB Revolution/Sample levels/XXRSPACE/Pic5.8xi 832 bytes
xLIB xLIB Revolution/Sample levels/XXRSPACE/Pic6.8xi 832 bytes
xLIB xLIB Revolution/Sample levels/XXRSPACE/Pic7.8xi 832 bytes
xLIB xLIB Revolution/Sample levels/XXRSPACE/Pic8.8xi 832 bytes
xLIB xLIB Revolution/Sample levels/XXRSPACE/Str1.8xs 91 bytes
xLIB xLIB Revolution/Sample levels/XXRSPACE.8xg 4.1 KB
xLIB xLIB Revolution/Sample levels/XXRTOY95/L1.8xl 3.0 KB
xLIB xLIB Revolution/Sample levels/XXRTOY95/Pic5.8xi 832 bytes
xLIB xLIB Revolution/Sample levels/XXRTOY95/Pic6.8xi 832 bytes
xLIB xLIB Revolution/Sample levels/XXRTOY95/Pic7.8xi 832 bytes
xLIB xLIB Revolution/Sample levels/XXRTOY95/Pic8.8xi 832 bytes
xLIB xLIB Revolution/Sample levels/XXRTOY95/Str1.8xs 88 bytes
xLIB xLIB Revolution/Sample levels/XXRTOY95.8xg 6.1 KB
xLIB xLIB Revolution/xLIB.8xk 14.7 KB
xLIB xLIB Revolution/XXR Level Editor/readme.txt 5.6 KB
xLIB xLIB Revolution/XXR Level Editor/XXREDIT.8xp 1.1 KB
xLIB xLIB Revolution/XXR.8xp 3.1 KB
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