Brainfoo - A brain**** interpreter in TI - Basic
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Brainfoo can interpret and compress(assemble) brain**** code. As it runs in TI Basic, it is pretty slow, but assembling to a list can speed that up.

How assembling works: The assembler reads through the string and turns each character into a number. It also searches for the loop commands so that the assembly runner doesn't have to. This makes programs easier to store and faster to run.

Please view the BFreadme.txt file in the archive and make sure to copy ALL the programs and lists to the calculator.

V1.1 Bug fixes and code cleanup
v1.0 - Release


Screenshot #8374 Screenshot #8375 Screenshot #8376 Screenshot #8377

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Brainfoo/BFASM.8xp 395 bytes
Brainfoo/BFreadme.txt 2.1 KB
Brainfoo/BFSET.8xl 103 bytes
Brainfoo/BRAINFOO.8xp 1.7 KB
Brainfoo/RUNASM.8xp 460 bytes
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8 months, 3 weeks ago


8/10 (1 vote)
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If you've been looking for a BF IDE on the CE, this is your program.

It offers a fairly sizable amount of features for what I'd expect from something like a BF interpreter- my only real qualms are with the speed (Of course, it's TI-BASIC, but there's a bit more room for optimization in terms of size and speed) and the settings- The settings menu is a bit unintuitive in terms of what different options do, and some options are misspelled ("VEIW").

I was somewhat hoping for a utility to convert txt files with BF code from the pc to the list format on-calc, but that's understandably a bit out of scope for this project

8/10 - Great program, but needs a little more polish.


  1. Brainfoo - A brain**** interpreter in TI - Basic (published 8 months, 3 weeks ago; 2022-09-17 16:19 UTC)
  2. Brainfoo - A brain**** interpreter in TI - Basic (published 9 months, 3 weeks ago; 2022-08-18 00:55 UTC)