The 1337 Guide to TI-BASIC
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This is an informative, lengthy manual describing little-known tips, tricks, and hacks for TI-BASIC that are sure to turn you into a '1337' programmer.

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16 years, 1 month ago


10/10 (3 votes)


This is a very good guide for getting the most out of TI-BASIC. I would recommend a few notes and tips:
1. (p5) Favor DelVar over '0--><var>' Do note that if you add a loop after a DelVar <var> that the loop will not work at all: the End will be disregarded, or even considered an End for another loop.
2. (p5) Use Pause <var> Effectively Also used for debugging.
3. (p9) Screen Display Specifications I think it would be easier to understand if row and column were replaced by x and y respectively. Row is most used on the y axis and will be confusing to anyone reading the guide.
4. (p13) Distinguish Between Return and Stop I recommend never using Stop because you never know what may happen and Return will never crash anything.
5. (p13) Use A Friendly Window Why use negative numbers? We are supposed to save memory not use it up with negative signs all over.
6. (p16) Avoid Memory Leaks I prefer using a Repeat loop because it will always execute at least once (aka do-while). Such as: Repeat K=45 getKey->K End Much faster and saves a few bytes also.
7. (p19) Objects in TI-BASIC Never thought about complex numbers. I've only been using the iPart and fPart of integers. Great guide! 10/10 Forrest


  1. The 1337 Guide to TI-BASIC (published 16 years, 1 month ago; 2008-04-26 16:20 UTC)