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Fruit Ninja CE, for the TI 84+ CE, is an arcade game based on the original Halfbrick Studios Fruit Ninja app! In this game you must slice fruits with your finger while avoiding hitting the bombs, in order to get the highest score possible.

Since there is no touch screen on the calculator, you must use swipe your finger across the calculator keys instead. It can be a bit loud, but it is very fun!

The game comes with 2 modes; classic, and zen mode. Classic comes with all the normal things, such as bombs, strikes, and pomegranates that you can hit multiple times. Zen mode comes with more fruit combos, a 90 second timer, and no bombs or strikes, and no pomegranates. Feel free to enjoy either mode, and get a high score on both!

Version 1.0.0
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Be sure to read the README for more info.

Now get slicing!


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2 years, 6 months ago


9.3/10 (6 votes)


Very cool. One of the last things you'd expect on a calculator. Found an exploit though: just keep spamming the square and divide keys to keep swiping across the whole screen continuously, hitting every fruit that comes your way.

Very good game, but the police might show up at my door for noise complaints if I slice those keys too early or late. Please enable spiritual guidance in the game so that the calculator magically inherits a touchscreen.

One of my favorites on the TI! I haven't come across any kind of bugs yet.

Best of yet, the controls are intuitive and the game is snappy

After thorough playthrough and a lot of patience of waiting, I've been looking forward to this game and I am impressed of my experience.

I remember when this program in it's beta stages since 2018, and after years of waiting, it's finally done. Way to go Michael!


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