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Did you ever wanted to program a running symbol at the homescreen of your TI 84 + CE
and the symbol runs in random directions?

Well, this little program in BASIC is the fastest and shortest realization!
(ok, if you know a better one, tell me)
In the folder "Expandations" you can find two versions of the program with extra features.
Try them out! You are also allowed to play around with own features!
My first version had 109 command lines and big problems with "program fatique",
but I optimized the routines to only 19 command lines remaining and it runs
pretty fast as long as you want it to run.
Thanks to the many optimizing tips in the
1337 Basic Guide by KermMartian and Jon Pezzino!
Writing this program was a learning progress to me.
I started as a beginner and now I can program on higher levels!

by DAVID-19
in TI-Basic
for TI+ 84 CE

You can do what ever you want with the code/program.
Feel free!

If you think, I stealed somewhere code, then tell me!
May there are similarities from my code to a other code,
but I swear that I wrote this program by my self!

ps: can you optimize the code even more or write a better realization?
I defined as rules:
One symbol on the homescreen can move in 9 directions:
stay, left, right, up, down and diagonal: left&up, left&down, right&up, right&down.
the symbol moves in a random selected direction: it follows a random way
the symbol shouldn`t bounce back,
if it touches the edge of the field in which it can move around.

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