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Designer; a Sprite editor to create Sprites, Icons, Fonts and Tilesets
!Import sprites directly from source code!

What´s new: better key input and menus, improved font editor

Main menu:
- color picker
- key and char value
- RGB color picker for palettes (with 30752 different colors)
- ReadMe

- Import without knowing the sprite size (it will show you your possibilities)
- Zoom in/out
- Open many Sprites at the same time
- Quit and restart without importing again
- Draw modes: draw, line, fill rectangle, elipse, copy, paste, middle of two points, length
- Change datatype (Sprite, Icon, Font) while editing
- Copy SpriteChar
- Edit up to 30 Chars in one Sprite
- Rotate and flip Sprite
- undo to last cache

- String (up to 128*128)
- Appvar (for Tilesets)
- Icon from compiled program (with all 256 colors)
- directly from source code (searches for "DefineSprite(" )

Bug report and suggestions:


Screenshot #7689 Screenshot #7690 Screenshot #7691 Screenshot #7692

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Designer v4.5/Source/DSGN4SRC.8xp 5.0 KB
Designer v4.5/Source/DSGN4MNU.8xp 2.6 KB
Designer v4.5/Source/DSGN4INF.8xp 1.1 KB
Designer v4.5/Source/DSGN4IMP.8xp 2.2 KB
Designer v4.5/Source/DSGN4GET.8xp 3.1 KB
Designer v4.5/Source/DSGN4DRW.8xp 1.2 KB
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3 years, 3 months ago


8.3/10 (4 votes)
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I suppose this is a good program, but I don't actually know, because it uses outdated clibs.

There's a download included in the zip but personally I do not want to use those because it will affect other programs I have on my calculator.

The actual program works, so does the color pickers and other things within the program, but the actual designer for icons and sprites does not function.

Is there a way to export the sprite from the calc to a computer as a png file?

This is a very good program, however you should update it to use with the latest clibs, I downgraded mine to use the program, and launched a different program and had to wipe my calculator.

This program is awesome, and it has a ton of nice features and a great UI. I absolutely love it! Great program, great job, and I recommend this for all your spriting needs.

This is definitely the best on-calc sprite editor/creator for the TI 84 Plus CE and TI 83 Premium CE. It even allows you to create and/or edit and save the icons of pre-existing programs! You can save sprite data into whatever type of file you want, and the sprite editor automatically saves your work if you exit the program before saving! Also, the response is very fast and smooth!


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