Pokemon84 v1.01
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After about a year in development, Pokemon84 has arrived! Start your adventure with Professor Pine with sprite animations! Pokemon84 has a large explorable overworld complete with 35 catchable Pokémon unique movesets. With a functioning PC system, the only limit is to how many Pokéballs you have! Not only can you encounter wild Pokémon, but watch out for other trainers!

Will you be able to beat the final Gym Leader? Start your adventure today!


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Archive Contents

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All Files/Image0 - Title Card.8ca 21.8 KB
All Files/Image1 - Professor Pine (Standing).8ca 21.8 KB
All Files/Image2 - Professor Pine (Mid-wave).8ca 21.8 KB
All Files/Image3 - Professor Pine (Wave).8ca 21.8 KB
All Files/Image4 - Nurse Joy (Stand).8ca 21.8 KB
All Files/Image5 - Nurse Joy (Bow).8ca 21.8 KB
All Files/Image6 - Me 1.8ca 21.8 KB
All Files/Image7 - Me 2.8ca 21.8 KB
All Files/Image8 - Me 3.8ca 21.8 KB
All Files/List BAG - Bag Values.8xl 211 bytes
All Files/List POKEM - Move List Values.8xl 481 bytes
All Files/List POKEN- Captured Name Values.8xl 94 bytes
All Files/List POKES - Stat Values.8xl 76 bytes
All Files/List POKNW- Wild Name List.8xl 454 bytes
All Files/List TRNRS -Trainer Stats.8xl 121 bytes
All Files/Matrix [F] - Area 5.8xm 2.6 KB
All Files/Matrix [G] - Area 4.8xm 2.6 KB
All Files/Matrix [H] - Area 3.8xm 2.6 KB
All Files/Matrix [I] - Area 2.8xm 2.6 KB
All Files/Matrix [J] - Area 1.8xm 2.6 KB
All Files/Pic1 - Area 1.8ci 21.5 KB
All Files/Pic2 - Area 2.8ci 21.5 KB
All Files/Pic3 - Area 3.8ci 21.5 KB
All Files/Pic4 - Area 4.8ci 21.5 KB
All Files/Pic5 - Area 5 (Gym).8ci 21.5 KB
All Files/Pic6 - Water.8ci 21.5 KB
All Files/prgm A1PKMN84 - Central Hub.8xp 2.5 KB
All Files/prgmP84SP1 - Game Start.8xp 2.3 KB
All Files/prgmP84SP2 - Pokecenter.8xp 3.6 KB
All Files/prgmP84SP3 - Repeat Code.8xp 469 bytes
All Files/prgmP84SP4 - Menu.8xp 1.7 KB
All Files/prgmP84SP5 - Pokemon Encounter.8xp 6.3 KB
All Files/prgmP84SP6 - Pokemon Stats.8xp 1.4 KB
All Files/prgmP84SP7 - Dialog & Prompts.8xp 4.7 KB
All Files/Str8 - Pkmn Names.8xs 635 bytes
All Files/Str9 - Pkmn Moves.8xs 699 bytes
Group File (No Pictures-Images).8xg 37.4 KB
READ.ME.txt 2.1 KB
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3 years, 5 months ago


5/10 (1 vote)


This game is a bit of a mess. Not only do you need a TON of space, but the game is split across so many different variable types it's hard to tell if a bug is caused by you missing a file or bad code.

The author also makes this even harder by locking all the files from editing. Considering being healed at the pokemon center after blacking out causes the game to memory leak and crash among many other issues, this just makes the game harder to get working consistently.

There's also the fact that the wild pokemon encounter rate is way too high (one pokemon every 2 steps) and the pokemon you encounter are all the same level as you, meaning that you can barely make it through the first patch of grass without dying., and it's hard to visit pokemon centers without dying.

Overall, this game is just too much hassle to get working for what ultimately ends up being a pretty bog standard pokemon fan game. My advice: try to cut down on the picvars and focus on fixing the numerous Goto in an if then statement memory leaks.

A real shame that the game has so many issues making it difficult to run since it's quite fleshed out and has a ton of pokemon (Including Weedle) for a basic game.

5/10 - This program is 363 Kilobytes.


  1. Pokemon84 v1.01 (published 3 years, 5 months ago; 2021-02-05 07:12 UTC)