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With this program written in TI-BASIC you can calculate the day of week for any given date!

When you try to calculate on what day of the week a date was using the DayofWk( command, you might have noticed that the answer wasn't correct.
I don't expect you'll have seen that though, but I've tested it with several dates and I can tell you it isn't correct.
If you want to know more about this, you can read the 'readme' file.

I've in this program made a settings part, in which you can set everything for your country.

I really want to thank one of my classmates, who can calculate a day even out of his head, also for the Julian calendar.

current version: 1.2.0


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1 year, 8 months ago


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This works...kinda, but the menus are really obtuse (ESPECIALLY settings, with the text being too long for the Disp( command to display on one line (Use "Output(1,1,"") Not to mention, setting the year the date changes to the Gregorian calendar just does not work and creates an infinite loop. For a port, this isn't too bad but definitely needs changes for the quirks of the language. The actual date calculator works fine. 5/10 needs work


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