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Inspired by Texas Instruments' TI-83 Plus Organizer, RoccoLox Programs gives you the TI-84 Plus C
Silver Edition/CE Organizer (or Organizer CSE/CE)! Kind of similar to the Calendar and Task Sorter, but
this program includes even more features. This program has four main sections to it: Contacts, Calendar,
Tasks, and Find. The Contacts section will allow you to store a person's: name, phone number, e-mail, and
address. The Calendar section will display a calendar for any month and year that you enter. The calendar
will default to the month and year that is currently stored in the calculator. The Tasks section lets you
enter in a: date (month/day/year), start time (AM/PM), end time (AM/PM), and a task to be completed.
The Find section will have you enter in a: letter, number, or keyword, and the program will search through
all of the tasks and contacts to see if it can find a match for what you entered into the search box. Please
read the README document to see all of the controls this program uses and, most importantly, please
enjoy using this program.


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3 years, 5 months ago


8/10 (3 votes)
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Although running it through cesium had no problems, on one occasion of running it using the standard menu crashed my ti-84 CE, and needed a RAM reset. I'd say it could be a useful tool, although that one crash was weird

The Organizer is a very useful program to store some contacts and appointments. Especially during lessons, when the use of phones isn't allowed.
It also has a very nice interface and the calendar function is useful to see fast when a certain day is (or was).

I really recommend this program!


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