Capacitor Value Finder
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A very simple program that does exactly what it sounds like it does. This program simply has you enter in the three
numbers and the letter(s) (i.e. 103K or 3R3K) that are shown on a disc capacitor and the program will find the value of that capacitor.
A very simple, easy, and useful program to have.


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3 years, 7 months ago


9/10 (1 vote)
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Visuals (2/2): Very orderly and structured. All important information is neatly spaced on separate lines for readability.
Speed (2/2): Only time the program is spent frozen is when calculating and this is only a small fraction of a second. Everything else is very responsive.
Ease of Use (1/2): Entering in the code is a little impractical. You have to use a scroll selection for each digit and cannot go back to make changes. Would be nice to just type in the code and have it work from there.
Practicality (2/2): Had to do a little research as I have not learned capacitor codes before. The tables look like a pain to memorize so I could see this being very useful for those who need this information often.
Other (2/2): Nothing else to comment on.

Overall: (9/10)


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