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This is a clone of the game 2048 I programmed using the ICE compiler by PT_ on Cemetech. Press the arrows, combine the tiles, and get to the 2048 tile! (Note: You may end up accidentally learning your powers of 2 along the way.) The game state is stored in an archived appvar, so there's no need to worry about losing your data! There are two game modes: one with the undo option enabled, and one without. All the tiles up to 2^17 (the highest possible tile) are supported. Enjoy!


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4 years, 7 months ago


9.9/10 (7 votes)


It`s a game which I will have for ever on my calculator!
I really enjoy the dark mode althougt it seems like you can`t have the bright and the dark mode at once on your calculator.
Rounded corners and a good colour palette makes the game look very dynamic but also relaxing.

This is one of the best looking games I have on my calculator. The animations are fluid, the colors look good and those rounded corners are a nice touch. The saving on quit is just fantastic and well apreciated. The contrast can be a bit low, even in the classic version values can be hard to destinguish. Also by default you can not have both versions on your calculator at the same time. These are just minor problems in an otherwise flawless game which I can definitely recommend.

This is a very nice clone of the 2048 game, I really enjoyed it. **PROS: *Dark mode! *Runs at a very acceptable speed *Includes two game modes *Automatic game saves *Archived high scores so your progress is never lost! **CONS: *Although I enjoy the dark mode, some of the colors just don't have enough contrast to easily see them during the day. This can be fixed by looking at the screen at an angle but it'd be nice if there was a little more contrast. **SUGGESTIONS: *It'd also be nice to have a changelog included in the download. *The bright red Cesium icon doesn't really fit with the overall dark theme of the game, perhaps a darker icon would fit better. **CONCLUSION: Overall I quite enjoyed this clone and I think it's worth a download. [10/10]


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