One and Two Player Pong
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Pong on the TI 84, Run WALLGAME.8xp(with the other .8xps installed) to play.

ENTER "1" OR "2" when prompted to select the number of players.

**ONE PLAYER CONTROLS**: Press "multiply" and "minus" to control your paddle. The AI controls the leftmost paddle, while the player controls the rightmost. The AI is player one, while the player is player two.

**TWO PLAYER CONTROLS**: Press "log" and "ln" to move up and down for Player One, and "multiply" and "minus" to move up and down for Player Two

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Pong/DISPP2.8xp 109 bytes
Pong/DISPP1.8xp 109 bytes
Pong/WALLGAME.8xp 620 bytes
Pong/SourceCode.txt 1.4 KB
Pong/README.txt 432 bytes
Pong/UPP2.8xp 113 bytes
Pong/UPP1.8xp 113 bytes
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6 years ago


4/10 (1 vote)


Downloading the program gave me a few problems. First, the readme doesn't explain that you have to download ALL the programs in the file. And also, the readme should also tell the player that all of the programs are pre-ARCHIVED. Annoying. I had to go to memory and un-archive all of the programs. Once I finally got the game running, the game is actually pretty cool, and the AI is a really nice touch. The only problem I had with the game is the speed. I have programmed different versions of pong in my programming life, especially in ti-basic, and the gameplay could be a little faster. I gave it a 4/10. I took away three points for the difficulty of downloading it, and I took away another three points because of the speed of the program.


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