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On a strange holiday in a strange place (somebody else's kitchen),you are a fridge attempting to catch all of the pillows you can. If you lose more pillows than you gain, you melt. Try to get as many pillows stuffed inside of you as possible! I was rushed for this contest between school and other commitments, so this game is pretty simple. I plan to add MUCH MORE stuff in the future if I have time, such as special fridge abilities, powerups, different levels, and so on. This project was made for Cemetech Contest 21: Holiday Celebrations.


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FRIDGE.8xp 4.8 KB
README.txt 3.0 KB
Source Code/FRIDG.8xp 3.2 KB
Source Code/FRIGRA.8xp 4.8 KB
Source Code/Graphics/convpng.ini 212 bytes
Source Code/Graphics/fridge1.png 177 bytes
Source Code/Graphics/fridge2.png 190 bytes
Source Code/Graphics/fridge3.png 225 bytes
Source Code/Graphics/fridge4.png 187 bytes
Source Code/Graphics/fridge5.png 214 bytes
Source Code/Graphics/fridge6.png 156 bytes
Source Code/Graphics/fridge7.png 157 bytes
Source Code/Graphics/ice_gfx.txt 6.0 KB
Source Code/Graphics/kitchen.png 351 bytes
Source Code/Graphics/logo.png 132 bytes
Source Code/Graphics/pillow1.png 139 bytes
Source Code/Graphics/pillow2.png 135 bytes
Source Code/Source_Graphics (FRIGRA).txt 4.9 KB
Source Code/Source_Main (FRIDG).txt 4.0 KB
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6 years, 3 months ago


8/10 (1 vote)


I thought this was an OK fall-and-catch game. **PROS: *You can change your fridge (great feature!) *the intro looks splendid *I love the slow acceleration of the fridge (I assume because it's heavy) *The story behind the holiday is very original **CONS: *As of the date of this review, the game play is too simple *The pillows don't increase in speed nor is there really anything else to the game *the brightness isn't reset to normal after quitting. **CONCLUSION: Although this has a few big cons, it's nothing that can't be fixed in future versions. I recommend playing this if you want a simple, amusing game. [8/10]


  1. Fridgefall CE (published 6 years, 3 months ago; 2018-03-20 01:44 UTC)