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BOSshell, coming to a CE near you!
This program aims to provide a simple GUI and system for interfacing with files and file viewers/editors. It works with the standard Asm header, as well as its own filetyping system.
Now with better UI, programs in the file system, improved stability, type/icon/description display for Asm programs, and file detection on first start!
New: Add safer archive routine, fix some file names not displaying, fix [del] key not deleting files, update file info GUI, remove redundant and unused code.


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4 years, 3 months ago


7.1/10 (8 votes)


There is quite a bit to comment on, though none of the following is hypocritical.

1) This might be just a personal thing, but the cursor doesn't really seem to fit as far as design goes.

2) The GUI could use some touching up. For example, there are no icons in the shell.

3) There are also a huge amount of bugs with the code itself. For example, the number of 'boxes' is a defined number set at 1023. The overwhelming majority of people would find this a little bothering, instead there should be some dynamic creation of boxes.

4) I don't really understand what is happening in the shell because I see a mixture of programs mixed in with AppVars (not to mention the fact that programs don't move over to box 1.

5) The extension system should also be fixed since I've had other people's programs such as "HEXARCF" (an appvar for HEXEDIT) hold an extension of "MONTDATA" which is an appvar for my own GrannySmithOS.

Nevertheless, thank you for sharing this shell with us!

[The list above is NOT exhaustive.]

BOSshell is a simple Shell use to run programs. It in the Beta Stage. Still need some work with the GUI. Looks goods... Look forward to Using amazing Beta Shell. Please make sure you report any problems"Bugs".


  1. BOSshell v4.11.1 release 4 patch 1 (published 4 years, 3 months ago; 2020-03-24 05:00 UTC)