Escape The Buoy! (CC20)
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In this game, you have to escape a buoy with the resources at your disposal. Although it is somewhat short, it does test your critical thinking skills in a precarious situation. This is my first ever "escape game", so the code I came up with is what I thought would work best (Don't Judge :P). There probably is a better way of doing it, but you gotta learn, right? This project was made for Cemetech Contest 20: Transit Time in the water category.

Escape, and Enjoy!



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BUOY.8xp 6.8 KB
README.txt 2.0 KB
Source Code/BSOURCE.8xp 14.4 KB
Source Code/BUOY.8xg 34.3 KB
Source Code/BUOYG.8xp 20.0 KB
Source Code/Graphics(BUOYG).txt 20.0 KB
Source Code/Graphics/boat.png 483 bytes
Source Code/Graphics/buoy.png 182 bytes
Source Code/Graphics/buoyb.png 613 bytes
Source Code/Graphics/calc.png 866 bytes
Source Code/Graphics/cloud.png 325 bytes
Source Code/Graphics/convpng.ini 192 bytes
Source Code/Graphics/darkcloud.png 347 bytes
Source Code/Graphics/hand.png 551 bytes
Source Code/Graphics/hand2.png 565 bytes
Source Code/Graphics/ice_gfx.txt 21.0 KB
Source Code/Graphics/phone.png 197 bytes
Source Code/Graphics/soda.png 152 bytes
Source Code/Graphics/solar.png 733 bytes
Source Code/Main(BSOURCE).txt 19.6 KB
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6 years, 10 months ago


9.2/10 (6 votes)


THIS DOES NOT WORK! I downloaded it, and I was stuck on the screen that said "Press enter to start." I had to restart my calculator and clear ALL MY RAM to get my calculator working. AM I THE ONLY ONE!? Don't download this!

This was really clever. All it needs is more levels. Even though this is a contest entry, it's really well made!

I LOVED the game. Perhaps make a few more items to find, and new levels, since after finding out the solution, it becomes way too east. [9/10]

Great game, Why not update it and add more levels/ detail? The plot was good, as was how the game first starts.


  1. Escape The Buoy! (CC20) (published 6 years, 10 months ago; 2017-07-23 02:59 UTC)