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ICE Compiler is a program that compiles TI-BASIC-like language to ASM, the machine code. Create insane games, use the color screen, and make the step to ASM smaller! Speed up your BASIC programs and it's super easy to use! Type your program in the normal editor, compile it within seconds, and you have hours of fun! - v2.2.1


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Examples/Flood It/FLOODIT.8xp 1.4 KB
Examples/Flood It/floodit_src.txt 1.9 KB
Examples/Flood It/FLOODSRC.8xp 1000 bytes
Examples/The World Hardest Game/LEVELS.8xv 1.3 KB
Examples/The World Hardest Game/TILES.8xv 10.2 KB
Examples/The World Hardest Game/TWHGGAME.8xp 3.3 KB
Examples/The World Hardest Game/TWHGSPR.8xp 925 bytes
Examples/The World Hardest Game/twhgspr_src.txt 887 bytes
Examples/The World Hardest Game/TWHGSRC.8xp 2.2 KB
Examples/The World Hardest Game/twhgsrc_src.txt 5.4 KB
ICE.8xp 22.3 KB
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5 years, 5 months ago


9.7/10 (47 votes)


It is an amazing compiler and I love it. I immediately converted my hundreds of BASIC programs. Everything is perfect. The only annoying thing is that it can only handle positive integers, but I’m working on a sub program that will hopefully fix that. I especially like how it gives you control over the whole screen. [8/10]

A very nice alternative to TI-BASIC, very reminiscent of Axe Parser and NewProg. The only downside is that sometimes, when new versions of the C libs get released, older ICE programs might start to behave incorrectly, forcing the author to perpetually maintain them. This gets 9.5/10 with the 0.5 missing being the aforementioned compatibility issues.


Good stuff :)

Great program! Helped me enhance my Basic "skills" into much better, faster, and cooler programs. This helped re-spark my interest in calculator programming when it had all but vanished. If you haven't tried it, download it! [10/10]

Maybe a decompiler could be great. I hope it could be possible and can be added. I love the program!!! Thanks for making it, I use it literally every day!

This is one of, if not the best programs available for the TI84+CE. This is a great transition to the fullscreen while remaining oncalc. It also allows programmers to program in fullscreen while not having to learn C or ez80.

This compiler is so amazing I don't even know where to begin! First off, it's fairly easy to learn if you've had a decent amount of BASIC or C experience. It's also a sort of middle ground between BASIC and C so if you learn ICE, the next step to C wont be such a big deal. The developer, PT_, is also very patient and helpful to anyone that doesn't understand something which makes learning this language even better! **Speed: This compiler takes BASIC-like language and compiles it on-calculator (or on computer) into ASM code. This means you can achieve *insane* speed. Also due to it being ASM you can utilize commands that we can only dream of having in BASIC such as: control over AppVars, the *full* 320x240 screen (without the status bar), and smooth scrolling of backgrounds. **CONCLUSION: I highly recommend this must-have for anyone interested in taking their BASIC knowledge to the next step! [11/10]

Very nice program. Allows for speeding up Basic(Like) programs. Gives me a little nostalgia for the compile-test days.

The most fabulous file out for the CE as of now. ICE Compiler exceeded my expectations by leaps and bounds.


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