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This program is a slim shell and launcher program that has support for running programs regardless of archive status, along with an organized and colorful GUI. Hide programs, lock BASIC programs from editing, rename files and more with Cesium. Enjoy! Version 3.4.1


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3 years, 4 months ago


9.6/10 (56 votes)
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Amazing. One question, what does the poweron password do?

It is amazing but does anyone know where i can get the newest verison

i could eat this

This saved my life. This is amazing. You are a legend. ThankYou.

I was using artifice and asmhook before because I had tried Cesium and it didn't work for my version because TI is stupid and tried to remove assembly and a bunch of other helpful stuff. The new Cesium update lets me use it again, and I'm thrilled to be able to use Cesium again and not have to use Artifice to run Asmhook every time my calculator loses its RAM. (Yeah, that happens to me a lot.) All in all, I really enjoy Cesium, and I recommend it to anyone who sees this. However, I would appreciate a way to open Cesium on startup.

I have recently gotten a ti-84 plus ce and i tried getting cesium but it wouldn't work no matter what, i am using artifice since i am on 5.7 but the cesium files won't transfer

Love this program, don't know what I would do without it!

I love it. Thats all

I am new to the TI84 world. Delighted to see the ability given by Cesium. Upgraded 5.7 from 5.6. Programs are not unlocked after tapping 2nd and the program s backed up. Is the Cesium into operating correctly since upgrading to 5.7?

Kind regards,
- tim

Amazing nice fixes 100 stars out of 10 best way less glitchy than vysion. You're a legend. I would use this any day. This is salvation to python users.

What else can I really say other than the greatest shell for 84PLCE's. I've been using it for about 3 months and it doesn't disappoint and lives up to it's name. It's easy to use, fully customizable and allows for keypad shortcuts (i.e. on + prgm: Open Cesium, on + sto->: dark mode, on + 2: restore ram from latest backup, etc.).

Great shell, I've been using it for a while and have had no problems. I updated to Os 5.7 (on a ti 84 plus ce python), and cesium won't work with Os 5.7. Can you please make an update? thanks!

EDIT: It works again! Amazing shell!

Used this every time I used my calc!
Thanks for making this!

Mateo you absolute legend
Updating this shell after so many years, that's just dedication. I'm absolutely loving the new features, you've really outdone yourself. Nothing but positivity coming from me. :)

This is the best shell for the TI-84 Plus CE. It crashes sometimes when the Input() command is used in BASIC programs.

Suggestion: Since this manages programs, appvars, and apps, this should manage and extract groups too!

This shell is amazing! I've tried a couple of others, but this one in still my favorite. But I have found an interesting glitch; when renaming/creating files, if you press the back arrow key, the name of the file will be corrupted, and some interesting graphical glitches will appear all over the screen. I don't know what causes this, but since this isn't a very large issue, I give Cesium 10/10 must download.

Great shell, but I cannot seem to hide programs. Does anyone have a solution?

This is a very cool shell, but I can't understand why unlocking a Basic program is any different than unlocking an assembly program. I have a compiled assembly program that I did not write so naturally it is locked. I would really like to unlock it and analyze it, but alas no such luck.

Nice shell, I can tell that a lot of time went into this. The RAM backup is very helpful! One suggestion though: Can you give us the option to create a folder, and to move programs and appvars from folder to folder?

I may not have a CE, but I've tried Cesium on my friend's calculator. I was really excited to play around with it because of all the good things I've heard about it and was not disappointed. The shell runs really well and it has excellent convenience. One suggestion: A password protection option. My friend would really appreciate that! ;)

Great shell, and the RAM backup helps me when I decide to do some testing of new ASM or ICE programs. Like said before, this will be used long after the release of DoorsCE, due to the simple, but powerful features the shell offers.

First off, I want so to say that this is an incredible shell! My personal favorite. Also, I'd like to acknowledge that the bug Caleb_J reported in his review has long since been fixed :). Although it may not have the extra programming options that Doors CE supports, Cesium is still slim, clean, simple to understand, and has many useful features! In fact, I'll still probably give this to my friends who want the usefulness of a shell, but don't need all the features of Doors. **PROS: incredibly easy to install; includes a RAM backup feature to protect your precious programs from a RAM reset! (This takes about 2-3 seconds); Times out and exits Cesium's home screen if you leave it sitting there for about a minute. (Saves battery!); You can change Cesium's GUI color scheme, neat!; you can add icons to your ASM & Basic programs; Nice search function, you can search for the programs name using the keypad; you can easily tell if a program is archived, locked, or hidden due to the little symbols next to the programs names; shows the version number of a program so you know if you need to update! **CONS: I don't have many cons, this shell is about two years old so all the major bugs have been ironed out. I have noticed one problem that new users have when I give them this shell. They try to press [2nd]+[quit] to exit Cesium when they should just click [clear]. The issue is, pressing [2nd] is an alternative to pressing [enter]. This means that instead of quitting Cesium, they just open whichever program is currently selected. **CONCLUSION: This is the best shell you can get right now! Even if the highly-anticipated for Doors CE is released, this shell will still be used by many programmers all over the world. [10/10]

This is a a=very nice shell. It's fast, colorful, and it does its job. However, I have found one bug that is very annoying: Whenever the battery icon in the top right corner is not at 100, Cesium gets extrememly slow. Other than that, it is very handy.


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