Five Nights at Freddy's 2 (Kyle Chiu, Beta)
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This is an early release of Kyle Chiu's Five Nights at Freddy's 2,
for Basic, enhanced by my RAGE graphics engine. There are testing
issues I hope the experts here can chime in on:

1. Greyscale tested on a REAL 83+
2. General Debugging, testing

On this site, as well as VTI, greyscale seems buggy, so a real TI
is needed. Currently, the Basic code does not reflect the latest
build for the library. This has been delegated to Kyle to fix. In
fact, the Basic code needs completely rewritten to reflect all the
new images in the library. Originally in only used Pic0-9. Now
greyscale splash screens.

{13}:Asm(prgmFNAFLIB to install greyscale
{14}:Asm(prgmFNAFLIB to uninstall greyscale
{12,data0,data1}:Asm(prgmFNAFLIB to display splash screen

data0 and data1 point to vertically compressed image data.
Press CLEAR to exit splash screen.

Note: many functions in the library are unused by the Basic code,
however they are left in for future potential. Whoever can test
and debug the greyscale 1st will be credited when the RAGE engine
is re-released on The old release is.... outdated...

Kyle Chiu:
William White:


Screenshot #5681

Archive Contents

Name Size
FNAF2/AAA.8xp 107 bytes
FNAF2/asm/equates.h 1.5 KB
FNAF2/asm/FNAFLB1.asm 12.3 KB
FNAF2/asm/FNAFLB2.asm 12.3 KB
FNAF2/asm/FNAFLB3.asm 12.3 KB
FNAF2/asm/FNAFLB4.asm 12.3 KB
FNAF2/asm/FNAFLIB.asm 12.3 KB
FNAF2/asm/ 31.0 KB
FNAF2/asm/ 30.5 KB
FNAF2/asm/ 30.8 KB
FNAF2/asm/ 30.6 KB
FNAF2/asm/ 5.9 KB
FNAF2/bin/FNAF.8xp 7.1 KB
FNAF2/bin/FNAFCAM.8xp 1.4 KB
FNAF2/bin/FNAFLB1.8xp 7.9 KB
FNAF2/bin/FNAFLB2.8xp 8.0 KB
FNAF2/bin/FNAFLB3.8xp 7.9 KB
FNAF2/bin/FNAFLB4.8xp 2.5 KB
FNAF2/bin/FNAFLIB.8xp 8.0 KB
FNAF2/docs/ChangeLog.txt 1006 bytes
FNAF2/docs/Golden Freddy 1.bmp 18.1 KB
FNAF2/docs/RAGE.htm 6.2 KB
FNAF2/docs/README.txt 1.7 KB
FNAF2/FNAF BMP Graphics/ 15.1 KB
FNAF2/FNAF BMP Graphics/ 178.2 KB
FNAF2/FNAF BMP Graphics/ 15.6 KB
FNAF2/FNAF BMP Graphics/FNAF 23.6 KB
FNAF2/FNAF BMP Graphics/ 45.3 KB
FNAF2/FNAF BMP Graphics/ 32.7 KB
FNAF2/FNAF BMP Graphics/Game 16.2 KB
FNAF2/FNAF BMP Graphics/Golden 14.7 KB
FNAF2/FNAF BMP Graphics/ 18.3 KB
FNAF2/FNAF BMP Graphics/ 11.6 KB
FNAF2/FNAF.8xp 7.1 KB
FNAF2/GS4TEST.8xp 95 bytes
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