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From the README.txt file: This is my Simon Says program. It will use the buttons for the numbers 0-9. If you push any other button besides these
ten, then the game will end. If you fail to repeat the pattern, the game will end.

There are four difficulties: Easy (pattern 10 numbers long), Medium (pattern 20 numbers long), Hard (pattern 30 numbers long)
and Custom (type in how many numbers there should be for the pattern)


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9 years, 3 months ago


9/10 (1 vote)


I vote a 9 for this program because it is a very fun program that I could spend hours playing, going through the different difficulties. I like the pattern it gives me, then I have to guess the order it gave me. It is very similar to the Simon game that I used to have, pushing the buttons in a pattern. The reason why it did not get the last point was because I think the program is a little slow. When it shows you the numbers, I think that the for loop should be a little less than 80. It is a drag when I have to stare at the number, anxious to see what the next number is. Especially in hard, it wastes a lot of time, just me staring at the numbers. So, if that is fixed, then it would be worth a 10. Good Job! That is some good code! Good Luck in the future!


  1. Simon Says (published 9 years, 3 months ago; 2015-03-25 20:27 UTC)