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Amazonka's Lock add-in is minimalistic and very Casio OS looking interface to power off and subsequently unlock your Prizm/Casio FX-CG. It locks the calculator using Casio's built-in User Name password as registered under System manager from MAIN MENU. Even if User Name setup is deleted, the latest available password (if ever registered) will still work. This also means no additional setup or files in main or storage memory are needed to store your password, i.e. resetting main and storage memories without wiping add-ins will not effect the lock functionality. Even deleting User password won't effect the add-in: only user name and org will show in red then.

|Provided a password was ever registered in System manager
|==>the add-in will lock and power down the calculator.
|==>The add-in then request this password on turning the calculator
|== >If the matching password is entered
| |
| |==>the MAIN MENU is returned (now WITHOUT extra pop-ups and subsequent presses of [MENU])
| or
| |==>or a bult-in main menu APP of your choice is launched
|==>If the calulator is left idle beyond the backlight duration setting the add-in will power off the calculator.

* your choice of where your are taken upon unlock will be remembered by the add-in until you change it (by [Up]/[Down] buttons).

* If no password was ever registered the add-in will launch System manager instead and navigate you to the where you need to do user setup - please REMEMBER YOUR PASSWORD!

Add-in now also has functionality to:
* show your battery voltage (via [Up]/[Down] selection or [Menu] shortcut);
* reset the calculator (via [Up]/[Down] selection - useful for anyone who disabled the reset button at back of the calculator);
* setup auto power off for any amount of minutes interval between 1 and 120 minutes. ([Shift]then [Menu] to setup then [Up]/[Down] to increase/decrease)
* replace Conversion add-in - just rename this add-in to Conv.g3a and it will enable the same in RunMat (i.e. [Optn] then [F6] in RunMat will have Convert above [F1])
* other small improvements (Unadmissable characters filter, USB protection)

Tested successfully on Casio FX-CG20 (OS 02.00.0200 and 01.04.0200).
On the emulator everything besides powering down/reset works.

Comments: http://www.cemetech.net/forum/viewtopic.php?t=11033


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8 years ago


9.5/10 (2 votes)


This program is pretty damn good. Especially when you're using [url=http://ceme.tech/DL934]Utilities[/url] for 2FA, it is a must, and I must say it does its job well.

Great program for what it is. It would be nice if you could boot it up into a non in-built app (e.g. utilities)


  1. Lock (published 8 years ago; 2016-02-27 23:08 UTC)