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Lines Polaris is the latest iteration of Lines software. Polaris has been coded with stability in mind, so that users can run whatever programs they like without having to worry about ruining their shell. This version of Lines supports using third-party programs from within the system, so that you don't have to exit Polaris to use other BASIC applications. I've also included Writer 9 and Cells 2, as well as other useful external add-ins for Polaris to show you what Polaris can do. Lines Polaris is also compatible with earlier releases such as Lines XT 3 and Lines Horizons, if you like 'multi-booting' systems. Please read all included documentation to learn how to use Polaris. Feel free to ask me any questions, as well.


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Archive Contents

Name Size
Lines Polaris/Lines Polaris Compact Edition/LNS~PLRC.g3m 3.0 KB
Lines Polaris/Lines Polaris Expansion Key Mappings.rtf 954 bytes
Lines Polaris/Lines Polaris Home Edition/Lines Polaris Home Product Key.rtf 1.3 KB
Lines Polaris/Lines Polaris Home Edition/LNS~PLRH.g3m 13.5 KB
Lines Polaris/Lines Polaris Professional/Lines Polaris Professonal Product Key.rtf 1.3 KB
Lines Polaris/Lines Polaris Professional/LNS~PLRS.g3m 15.2 KB
Lines Polaris/Lines Polaris Source Code Access.rtf 1.8 KB
Lines Polaris/Lines Polaris Third-Party Native Access.rtf 1.0 KB
Lines Polaris/Lines Polaris.pdf 338.9 KB
Lines Polaris/Lines Savannah Server/Lines Savanna Server Product Key.rtf 1.3 KB
Lines Polaris/Lines Savannah Server/LNS~SVNA.g3m 17.0 KB
Lines Polaris/Nijino Add-Ins/Cells 1 User Manual.pdf 112.6 KB
Lines Polaris/Nijino Add-Ins/THRD~LN1.g3m 6.5 KB
Lines Polaris/Nijino Add-Ins/THRD~LN2.g3m 6.4 KB
Lines Polaris/Nijino Add-Ins/THRD~LN3.g3m 644 bytes
Lines Polaris/Nijino Add-Ins/THRD~LN4.g3m 896 bytes
Lines Polaris/Nijino Add-Ins/THRD~LN6.g3m 1.5 KB
Lines Polaris/Nijino Add-Ins/Writer 8 Manual.pdf 193.1 KB
Lines Polaris/Nijino Add-Ins/Writer 9 and Cells 2 Product Keys.rtf 1.7 KB
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