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The Lines Horizons OS Family is the next iteration in the Lines OS product line. It is a much-improved version of Lines XT 3, with major updates for installation, system usage, and applications. The Lines Horizons package comes with Cells 1, Writer 8 for Horizons, Paint for Horizons (by Purobaz, edited for compatibility), and Calc 2. There are two system shells in the package, which include Lines Horizons for power users and those who want a more advanced version of Lines XT 3, and Lines Essentials 2014 for users with less memory, those who feel that Lines Horizons is too bloated, or for user that only use the applications that come with Lines. The Lines Horizons program is entitled "LINES~HR", and the Lines Essentials program is called "LNS~SNTL". This update is sure to be a welcome update for users of Lines XT 3, and friendlier to newer users. The product key for Horizons is: log * ∠ i 5 , U (there is no product key for Lines Essentials 2014.)

Archive Contents

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Lines Horizons OS Family/CALC.g3m 516 bytes
Lines Horizons OS Family/Cells 1 User Manual.pdf 112.6 KB
Lines Horizons OS Family/CLSFORHR.g3m 4.5 KB
Lines Horizons OS Family/FORMAT.g3m 172 bytes
Lines Horizons OS Family/Lines Essentials 2014 Readme.txt 533 bytes
Lines Horizons OS Family/Lines Horizons User Manual.pdf 279.8 KB
Lines Horizons OS Family/LINES~HR.g3m 19.7 KB
Lines Horizons OS Family/LNS~SNTL.g3m 5.6 KB
Lines Horizons OS Family/Multi-Boot Readme.txt 2.2 KB
Lines Horizons OS Family/PAINT.g3m 1.2 KB
Lines Horizons OS Family/P~COLOR.g3m 408 bytes
Lines Horizons OS Family/P~POT.g3m 564 bytes
Lines Horizons OS Family/P~TOOLS.g3m 1.4 KB
Lines Horizons OS Family/SETS~INF.g3m 116 bytes
Lines Horizons OS Family/Writer 8 Manual.pdf 193.1 KB
Lines Horizons OS Family/WRITER~8.g3m 6.8 KB
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