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Anything to 8xv Application Converts any file to an application variable. Max file size 64k No ratings 1157
Asm Creates and compiles asm programs at the touch of a button.Asm Programming has never been so easy! No ratings 599 A port of Axpirin, a Rage/Arcade game. Enjoy! 10/10 (1) 435 Athena, the packager and installer, for your TI-83 Plus and TI-84 Plus graphing calculators, built to help authors of BASIC games who happen to have zillions of subprograms and data files distribute their games or software suites. The packager part runs on most Windows OSes, and… 8/10 (1) 575 Have you ever needed to take a forum post and type it p on a wiki? It was always a pain to change up the formatting to make things presentable. A converter would be very helpful. Well, now there is a converter, written in Ruby and available for OSX, Windows, and Linux. Enjoy! No ratings 344 This is a library for .Net for interfacing with globalCALCnet. With just some simple code you can quickly develop software that interfaces with calculators and other computers on globalCALCnet. Also included is an implementation of Chat!, a chat program written to use CALCnet by… 9/10 (2) 720 Calc Hub is a program that provides a central hub for calc sites. Calc Hub also includes a built in IRCclient. No ratings 498 This program provides a GUI interface to the command-line based Doors CS SDK, making it very easy and fast to assemble and debug both simple and complex assembly programs. No ratings 580 This program spiders through a directory, creating simple web pages that list all directories and files recursively. I know there are plenty of programs that do this already, I just wanted to make something on my own. No ratings 560 This is my first time entering Ludum Dare, so I decided to make an IF game. Growing up I always loved IF, and I figured this would be a good chance to get making one under my belt. You play similar to other IF games (think Zork). Use directions to move around (such as "east" or … No ratings 711 This is my submission for Ludum Dare 22. Controls: Arrow keys: Movement / Jump R: Restart level Escape: Quit game You are the red pixel. Feel free to make your own levels; they're just plain old 24 bit bitmaps. [About the update: I added a window caption and an icon… No ratings 600 A usefull tool to convert any image to hex data for the Axe Pt-Mask( command No ratings 521 A PC-based level editor for CMonster, Monster, and Orzunoid. Requires .NET Framework 3.5. No ratings 324 This program lets you create new Prizm projects and compile them into .g3a Prizm add-in files without messing with .bat files and Makefiles, which should make Prizm C development much faster and easier. 9/10 (1) 1711 A simple one-octave piano controlled with the keyboard. It can be shifted to higher and lover keys as well. No ratings 299 An inventory editor for the game Sir, You Are Being Hunted. Now works with .NET 3.5. No ratings 3688 This program allows for you to run a private bukkit server. This is used to use bukkit plugins like WorldEdit and Essentials in any of your single player worlds. with little to no setup, easy connection, and no need to install this is the easiest and most portable way to use buk… No ratings 644 A simple tool for creating and compiling custom TI-84 Plus CE C Programs quickly. This is not part of the CE C Toolchain, which can be found here: No ratings 181 Update: Now with a map editor for xLIBC! TokenIDE is an Interactive Development Environment for TI-BASIC for the TI-73, TI-82, TI-83, TI-83+ series, TI-84+ series, and the TI-84+ Color Silver Edition. Now includes support for xLibC! Its goal is to provide BASIC programmers the a… 8.8/10 (11) 5051 This is a little tool I made to make recoloring sprites in the game Wolfenstein3D easier. It allows you map all pixels of one color to another based on the selected palette, so if you wanted, for example, to recolor all the greys to green, you could do that very simply. No ratings 1052 Windows level editor for Alien Breed 5. No ratings 442 The greatest assembly kit ever created!I urge you to download Asm Maker even you currently have a compiler.Easily create and compile programs and apps for the TI-83 TI-83/84 Plus.A must for all skill level s with tutorial and all the major headers and include files such as Ion, … No ratings 752 This is just a simple tool that you can use to control your computer with your TI-Z80 via a SilverLink. I've made it as user friendly as I can, short of using a Win32/GTK+ GUI. Installation information is included with the bundled readme. Note: One of the requirements is a wo… 9/10 (1) 802 This is a tool that lets you download, install, update, and search for files ("packages") from (and other community sites) from the command line. It uses Python 2.x, and therefore requires a version of that to run. See the Readme for more information, and the Changelo… 8/10 (1) 588
gCn This nifty little tool simplifies the process of using the gCn Client. A must have for those who need connection fast, or don't know how to use a command line. *Update: Developmental USBHID and Arduino options! 9/10 (1) 443 This ZIP includes both the computer and the calc version of GAME1 No ratings 375 globalCALCnet or gCn allows calculators to network from two feet, two miles, or two thousand miles away. gCn consists of a client program that must be run on a computer, as well as a way to connect your calculator(s) and computers. This can be a mini-USB cable for a TI-84+ or TI… 9.8/10 (6) 1639 A simple python program to convert any image to a 4 level grayscale Ti 84/84 Axe program "image" instead of only black and white. No ratings 198 TI-Nspire emulator No ratings 797 renamr68k is a Python script to automate the process of making a project for one 68k calculator compatible with other 68k calculators. It walks through a directory tree and creates a copy of Basic program, text, and application variable files for all three 68k calcs- the TI-89, … No ratings 471 rom8x assists in creating a calculator ROM image, and does not require any special linking software. Simply run a program on your calculator, transfer the generated file(s) to your PC, and run the utility on your PC to generate a ROM file. Supports all 83+ and 84+ calculators, i… 10/10 (2) 1683 World Editor for Sqrxz CE. No ratings 300 tihle is a TI-83+ emulator that is designed to only use freely distributable materials; you don't need a ROM image to use it! This version is only tested for a small amount of functionality, so most programs will not work. A few examples that do work are included. No ratings 15
z80hex.tar.gz z80hex is a program used to package compiled assembly programs or ASCII hex files to TI-83/84 programs (.8xp). z80hex is easily portable and can be compiled to any device out there with g++. It will automatically add the headers for the TI-83/84 and the TI-84+CSE (BB6D/EF69) for… No ratings 230