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dhcpgen.tar.gz DHCPgen is a PHP package to manage ISC DHCPD configuration files, much as programs like phpMyAdmin manage the contents of MySQL databases through a web interface. DHCPgen is unique in that it not only stores and organizes data and generates dhcpd.conf files, it can also autom… No ratings 611 Type (or copy) in a hexacode for a icon in DCS format, sellect the size of the pixels and either click the 8*8 or 16*16 button. This would render the icon you typed in. 9/10 (1) 497 This is a javascript (DHTML) based web program who outputs an icon form a heximal value. In this version, the engine is totally rewritten, and the new feautres are: Icon are outputed in a new window, so you do not need to reload the page, +, - and Reset buttons for peoples wit… No ratings 491 Dhtml based Icon viewer for Hexadecimal icon format Version 4. This is a DHTML (HTML, Javascript, HTML DOM, CSS, you name it) based web program who outputs an icon form a hexadecimal value. New in this version is support for icons from Binary value! (who is used for icons in ass… No ratings 515 This is a well documented run with the libgmp library. Anybody wanting to go beyond the current timeout limit (x = 4) will have to configure their web server to allow longer processing. It is a php5 script for use with Apache, but should be compatible with other server. Be sure … No ratings 413