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Name Description Average rating Downloads Unoriginal name, but hopefully an original pack! 12 levels of fun, creative levels, made with OiramLevelEditor64.exe and, of course, LOVE! -BasicTH No ratings 527 This is a Level pack for MateoConLechuga's Oriam and was made using his Oriam level editor. This is my first time so it may not be much but keep an eye out for DeeperYouGo2! Read the readme for more info about the game. Oriam. (I am in no way taking credit for Oriam or th… 6/10 (1) 1322 'beautified' version of "DeeperYouGo". I just cleaned up some rough edges in the levels, didn't change anything else. The original author is Nero_the_Necro. All level design credit goes to him. Original Game by MateoConLechuga. 8/10 (1) 1643 The two default packs included in the original Sketch Maze. No ratings 83 This is a level pack for Portal Returns CE. This pack contains 4 intense levels. Can you beat them all!?! Note: You must have Portal Returns CE No ratings 739 A level pack that was supposed to have 7 levels, but the fourth is extremely broken. Play this pack if you want to see what a broken mario level looks like. I hope you think that this pack is fun, if you do decide to play it. No ratings 290 I got some spare time to make a few levels as of right now. I will be constantly adding to this, a few levels at a time. No ratings 3253 I got some spare time so I made a couple Oiram Levels (NOW 4), will be updating to more levels shortly Update 1.2 No ratings 2149 This requires CMonster. <br /> <br /> An 11 level Minecraft themed CMonster pack! <br /> <br /> Difficulty: Medium No ratings 927 The Oiram Micro Levels are a set of Oiram levels that I made a very long time ago and aren't very clean, but they are for people with little memory to spare on their CEs. While not everything might make sense by the standard definition, every level has its perks and challenges.… No ratings 193 A hard add on pack for Oiram addicts! No ratings 992 Tired of the lame, uninteresting default textures of Portal Returns? Enjoy this Portal 2 themed texture pack with stunning detail! 10/10 (2) 2735 This is the files for WORLD 1, WORLD 2 and WORLD 3 of Super Marm World Here are the planned worlds to be released: •Wooden Plateau •Wet Shores •Wispy Clouds •Frozen Tundra (or The Land of Snow Return 9_9 ) •Green Land •Lava Lakes 9/10 (2) 1209 Hi all! I am doofusthecow (A.K.A. Eli) and this my first project! This is my first Oiram Levelpack and it is full of pointless levels for you to waste your time on. I hope you enjoy and God bless. No ratings 144 Climb the tower to win! More info in the "readthis". For use in Oiram. No ratings 242 A fun level pack with 8 levels, have fun and good luck! No ratings 1101 A level file with 8 levels for CMonster. Works with both the TI-84 Plus C Silver Edition and TI-84 Plus CE. No ratings 2604