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Name Description Average rating Downloads This is a very early version of the workstation section of the CALCnet drivers, a set of programs that allows up to 255 calculators to be connected together and share files. This version is unoptimized and still in progress, but look for the first final version soon. No ratings 265 This is a collection of help files from ASMStudio8x. It may not work with WinZIP because I used 7zip to zip it. 10/10 (1) 504 This is the source code for the TICI 1.0 PS/2 keyboard driver, which lets you connect an external keyboard to you calculator. Check it out! 10/10 (1) 291 This is the source code for the beta version of the mouse driver for TICI 1.0, the new external hardware standard for TI calculators. It allows you to connect an external PS/2 mouse using a TICI 1.0 hub (plans in the hardware section of the TICalc archives). Use this as a stand-… No ratings 401