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Name Description Average rating Downloads This technical report details the CALCnet 2.2 networking protocol for graphing calculators. It begins with an overview of the motivations and inspirations for CALCnet, then reviews the existing alternatives for two-calculator linking, namely the TI-OS, BELL by Tim "Timendus" Fra… 9.8/10 (5) 1365 These 3D-printable AAA batteries can be used to power battery-powered devices off of wall power. You'll need screws and washers to complete these batteries, as specified in the readme file included in the zip. No ratings 457 To accompany the 1.0 release of the gCnClient software to connect networks of graphing calculators to and across the internet, this documentation describes the hardware and software necessary to use the gCnClient, including schematics of the gCn bridge device build on a simple c… 10/10 (1) 749 A work in progress KiCAD Schematic for an Arduino shield that supports 3 calculator networking. The shield footprint and schematic are in separate zip files. Put the Arduino shield files in the library path for KiCAD, and put the gCnBridge files in a project directory. There\'s … No ratings 497