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Name Description Average rating Downloads These are the schematics and plans for a docking station that allows you to sync data and information between a computer and your TI graphing calculator. Compatible with multiNET, a protocol coming in the future that will allow automatic backup and data transfer. This even allow… No ratings 272 These are the schematics and plans for modification that allows TI calculators to run off an external power supply. It requires only one component, and is compatible with multiNET and the Docking Station for TI Calculators. Find more program and hardware at http://www.cemetech.t… No ratings 253 This is the plans and schematics for the TICI 1.0 color screen adapter, which will allow programs to use 3-bit color (8 colors total) on your calculator, expandable to 8-bit color (256 colors) without any extra hardware. Check it out, build it, and tell me what you think! SDK co… No ratings 251 These are the plans and instructions for the TICI 1.0 modem adapter, which allows you to connect a modem to your calculator. Look for drivers soon that let you browse the Internet with this device! (Requires a TICI 1.0 hub to operate). No ratings 260 These are the preliminary plans and schematics for networking TI calculators, including insrtuctions and explainations for both wired and wireless networking. Full schematics coming soon. No ratings 256 This is the schematic and plans for a TICI 1.0 hub, the new USB-like standard for TI calculators. Software for this device coming soon, including keyboard support. A mouse driver for this device has already been released, available at… No ratings 290 This is an HDK/SDK for TICI 1.0 that explains the basic guidelines and protocols for TICI 1.0 hardware, software, and drivers. If you plan to create a hub, adapter, or driver, check this out! No ratings 297