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Name Description Average rating Downloads Program written in Casio Basic that lets you enter positive integers larger than 69 and calculate: n! , n^r , nPr , nCr No ratings 1083 Updated file of discriminant No ratings 1677 Updated file of Discriminant This program finds the discriminant of a 2nd degree trinomial, does the quadratic formula, and solves for k in direct, inverse, and joint variation, Soon to come: Right now I'm working on turning this into an Add-in. So the next version will… No ratings 2859 Distributions calculation for Graph 25+Pro and FX-7400GII: These are programs to calculate probability, cumulative probability, inverse cumulative probability of: - Binomial distribution - Geometric distribution - Hypergeometric distribution - Normal distribution - Poi… No ratings 1238 ~MATH~ is just a simple program I made for the Casio fx-CG50 by combining all of the many math programs I'd already made to speed up the homework process. I basically made a program for everything I could when we learned it, so some of the functions in here will seem really rand… 7/10 (1) 791 Complete matrix calculation for Graph 25+Pro and FX-7400GII: Invert (INVERSE) Raise to higher power (M HOCH X) Multiplication with scalar (M MAL X) Multiplication with matrix (M MAL M) Determinant (REFDET) Gaussian elimination (REFDET) Gauss–Jordan elimination (RREF) … No ratings 1452 This is a prime factorization tool for Casio calculators written in BASIC No ratings 3268 This is a port of the powerful Eigenmath math engine, by George Weigt, to the Casio Prizm, providing numerous math functions not originally available in these calculators, including symbolic computation. This port includes a function catalog, ability to create and execute script… 10/10 (2) 6337 Graph3DP is a powerful 3D graphing application for the Casio Prizm (fx-CG10/fx-CG20/fx-CG50). Enter one to six 3D equations, and rotate and zoom the resulting graph. You can adjust the window and trace over the mesh to examine X, Y, and Z value. This final 1.0 release has been t… 9.6/10 (5) 5932 This is a simple number system converting tool for Casio calculators written in BASIC No ratings 5272