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lua Casio Prizm (fx-CG10/fx-CG20) Lua Graphics Programs


Name Description Average rating Downloads A demo of a rotating square (technically 2 for front and back due to backface culling) with a texture on it. No ratings 1456
Etch a Ever played around with the classic Etch-A-Sketch? Where you draw lines and shake to erase. Here it is on the Prizm, now not only with black, but 7 different colors. No ratings 1193 This is a fire animation I ported from It is pretty cool looking and I hope you enjoy it! 10/10 (1) 1127 Fire Animation by Spenceboy98 for the new Casio fx-CG 50 with a new icon. No ratings 5 This is a simple image viewer for the fx-CG 10 and fx-CG 20 calculators. It lets you open files from storage memory, and includes a converter to convert any type of image to the image format used by ImgViewer on the calculator. 10/10 (1) 7204 This is a random Nyan Cat animation I made. I was bored. If you're bored, you might want this to entertain you. It's a pretty big file, so if you want it, you have to have the right amount of memory. Enjoy.... Edit: This now has the NyanCat.h, plus the pic is now centered. … No ratings 1777 This add-in allows you to view PNG files on your Casio Prizm. The screenshot is from the emulator. For details see the included README. The source code and future updates can be found at No ratings 1714
Paint Here is a beta version of my Paint program for the Prizm. Don't forget to read the README and enjoy (or at least try)! No ratings 645 A little paint in basic for your Prizm which use the graph screen. Open and save pictures, create and modify pictures with several tools (pixel, dot, line, circle, pot of paint, eraser) and more options. Feel free to ask me more details and use it in your own projects. No ratings 2123 Paint your very own masterpieces with Papa's Painter for the Casio Prizm! No ratings 1226 This program shows you how to code a homescreen scrolling menu with more than 7 items. It also shows you with less than 7 if you change 2 lists inside the code. Read the Readme file for more details. No ratings 1051 A viewer for pictures in JPEG and PNG formats. This add-in will help you avoid the hassle of having to convert pictures to G3P format so you can view them on your calculator! It can also work as an eActivity strip. Multiple zoom levels supported for JPEG viewing, and long file n… 9/10 (1) 9068 This plugin shows you how to display the full-featured menu. More information here: or here: No ratings 1831