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Casio Prizm programs for all versions of the calculator. Some programs designed for earlier versions (the CG10 and CG20) may not work correctly on newer calculators (the CG50). We have a guide for how to put programs on the calculator. Lua programs also need LuaZM to run.



  1. This is the famous and really hard platform game from the Iphone app.

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  2. Everyone loves Blackjack, so test your skill (and luck) at this game, while not losing any money. So try blackjack in color.

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  3. Please see readme for more info. This game has 8 games in one! Also support for multiplayer competition (2 to 3 players) and single player game mode.

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  4. 7 classic and colorful games for your CG-10/20.

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  5. An attractive and colorful game where you have to move vehicules to make way out for yellow vehicule.
    There are 10 levels which are harder and harder. I use the DrawStat to draw vehicules.

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  6. 6 games inspired from the original Yetisport (Pingu throw, Orca slap, Seal bounce, Albatros overload, Snowboard and Yeti avalanche).
    I've tried to use the graph screen in basic so there is a lot of graphics, but sometimes the game is a bit slow.

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  7. UPDATE: I did some experimenting with compression and managed to reduce the size of this game by 3KB. More space for you to use for other things, right?

    SwitchRPG is my first attempt at writing an RPG for a calculator. It is very large, weighing in at 31KB. Although the storyline is minimal, its features include colorful maps that use special characters, fast draw times (for a Prizm Basic game anyways), and decent map compression.

    NOTE: Please play this game on OS 1.03 or higher, otherwise special characters will fail to render properly.

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  8. Age of Darkness is a long term project of mine, spanning several calculator models between TI and now Casio. This is a simple RPG style game, where you must travel the lands in search of crystals of power to help you defeat the enemy! This game is currently in BETA status! As you play, save often! If you find an issue, please report it and what you did to find the bug! Thank you!

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  9. Control the wheel to collect your life.
    However you can't stop the wheel. It bounces against void squares and circles, but bursts against pics and filled squares and circles.

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  10. Just a .zip of all my work on my RPG as of 12/1/11.

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  11. Casio Basic implementation of Freecell solitaire card game.

    Freecell is a solitaire game that can be played with a full deck of
    cards (52 cards).

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  12. Bull Wrangler is a Casio BASIC game where you are trying to catch a rabid bull. There are 3 difficulty levels. Easy, Medium, and Hard. It is not too hard to play. Jut send the it to the Program folder inside the @MainMem folder. Enjoy....

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  13. This is a classic board game with many different rules. More info about mancala:


    Object of the game:
    Each player attempts to collect as many stones as possible before one of the players clears his or her side of stones.

    The board:
    Each player has a side of the board (4th picture)

    How to play:
    Players alternate turns. In his or her turn each player selects a group of stones from one hole on his or her side of the board. Each stone is dropped one by one in the holes around the board (anticlockwise), icluding his or her mancala (large hole) and the opponents mancala.

    Free turns:
    If the last stone lands in the players own mancala, that player goes again.

    If the last stone is dropped in an empty hole (not in a mancala!), he or she captures all the stones from that hole and from the hole directly opposite that hole.

    How to win:
    The game is over when a player has no more stones on his or her side of the board.The winner is with the gratest number of stones in his or her mancala.

    You can control the game with buttons A-L. (Button A belongs to the hole on the left-top; button L belongs to the hole on the right-bottom)

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  15. A bundel of three colorfull sport games for the casio fx-CG50 calculator.
    The games can only be used on color displays!
    Have fun with the games.

    If you want to know more, read the README file.

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  16. Sequenced is a Prizm-Basic version of the strategy game Mastermind. The differences are that you use numbers instead of colored pegs and that you can customize gameplay. This game was the winner of Omnimaga Contest 2011 Part 3.

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  17. This game consists in click in the right button that will appear in the calculator's screen, the fast as you can.
    However, it's a Demo version yet, so it only has 15 levels.

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  18. Star Trek v3.0 writed in Casio Basic. You can cheat the game ;) gain more extra lives, the game have a END. Tries to end the game, it's easy you will have a suprise
    Is faster and hard, more colores, with sub rutines, more instrutions (if not would be a lot faster) you can chose Easy / Hard and Pause the game.

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  19. This is a simple game writed in Casio Basic.
    You can cheat the game ;) find how you can gain more lives, extra lives , its easy ;)
    The game have a END. Tries to end the game, it's easy you will have a suprise

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  20. I made an AI based game, where you play Hexapawn against an AI.
    For more Information, read the readme File.

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