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  1. This is a simple periodic table application. You can scroll through the elements with the arrow keys or the touchpad. Press ENTER to see details for any element.

    Datasets were retrieved from GPeriodic and jquery-pte. Data poins for elements include Group, Atomic Weight, Density, Melting Point, Boiling Point, Atomic Radius, Specific Heat, Oxidation States, Electron Configuration, Electronegativity, Atomic Volume, Ionization Potential, and Thermal Conductivity.

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  2. The program BOLTPAT will calculate a bolt pattern given:
    X = center, X coordinate
    Y = center, Y coordinate
    N = number of bolts
    D = diameter of the circle

    No angle of rotation is assumed.

    The OC-Distance between each bolt is calculated by calculating
    the linear distance between neighboring bolts.

    Each point where the bolt should be placed. In addition, the on-
    center distance between bolts is displayed. Finally, each of the
    coordinates will be presented in a list.

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