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  1. Graph3D v2.425 is a surface plotting application that has nice trace features, real-time rotation, custom coloring options, and 3D contour plots.

    See the included reference manual for installation instructions.


    More info:

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  2. The program eqnlib offers 47 equations for HP Prime’s Solver App. Just run the eqlib program, select the category that you are interested in, and select the equation within that category and you are off and running!

    The equation selected will be loaded into the system variable E1. The program will show you what each variable represents in the solver. Keep this screen up as long as you like. When done, press [Enter], and you will be taken to the Numeric View of the Solve App. To see the equation, press the soft (Defn) key.

    Categories include:
    * Geometry (areas, volumes, surface areas)
    * Finance (monthly loans, sales tax, break-even)
    * Temperature Conversion (Fahrenheit to and from Celsius)
    * Physics: Problems of Motion (linear distance, circular motion, pendulums, terminal & escape velocity)
    * Sound (speed of sound, Doppler effect, loudness)
    * Optics (Lens and Snell equations, spherical refraction)
    * Electronics (2 resistors series and parallel, thermal noise, Ohm's Law)
    * Astronomy (parallax, luminosity, Kepler's 3rd Law, time dilation)
    * Great Circle Calculations
    * Angle of Incidence Calculations
    * Gases (Ideal and Boyle's Gas Laws, heat capacity, air density, isothermal expansion)
    * Fluids (depth pressure, fluid flow, Bernoulli's Equation)

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  3. This is an app that implements a quasi-Newton solver (Newton-Raphson algorithm with backtracking linesearch). The app comes with a collection of systems of equations as found in the Equation Library on the HP48G series (and on the HP Solve application card for the HP48SX). Users may also create their own systems and save them for later use by adding on to the current library.

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  4. Lambda supports a dictionary of lambda calculus expressions and the evaluation (application) of one term to another. It recognizes Church Numerals automatically, so these don't have to be added to the dictionary. This version uses standard notation Lambda abstractions and builds De Brujin for use in applications, avoiding alpha conversion needs. This app is based on HP's Spreadsheet app and uses the spreadsheet as a dictionary of terms. You can enter standard notation or De Brujin notation when adding terms and the app will calculate the other.

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  5. QPI

    QPI for the HP Prime by Han Duong.

    This program is a port of the HP48G/GX version by Mika Heiskanen
    and Andre Schoorl. Their implementation is actually an adaptation
    of Qpirac by A. Coulomb and the rationalize command from MuPad.
    QPI basically takes a real number r and will return the real number as one of the following forms: p/q, (a/b)*√(p/q), (p/q)*π, ln(p/q), or e^(p/q).

    See readme file for more info.

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