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  1. It is widely known that opossums have the instinct to repel aliens. You can now practice your opossum massaging skills on the TI-84 Plus C Silver Edition, TI-84 Plus CE and HP Prime calculators! There are three CE versions, sort-of: One of which uses Celtic CE but runs slower, an older one using ICE Compiler which no longer works with newer C library versions, a Game Boy ROM converted to appvar for use in TI-Boy CE emulator and the ROM file itself for use in a PC Game Boy emulator or on original hardware. The Game Boy version is included for use in TI-Boy CE because it runs smoother despite being emulated.

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  2. This is a simple game of Tetris for your HP Prime.

    Features include:

    * Classic Tetris gameplay
    * Accurate piece rotation
    * Both soft-drop and hard-drop keys
    * Adjustable difficulty level
    * Original Tetris scoring rules
    * High-score tables - challenge your friends!

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  3. This is the official release of my HP Prime port of my HP 39gII Tunnel clone written in BASIC, now adapted for the larger screen and color display. This new version adds speed throttling to ensure that the game runs as close as possible to the same speed as the original HP Prime on both the emulator and G2 hardware revision of the calculator. It is probably the first ever game ever made available for download for this calculator model. It isn't meant to show coding skills, especially considering the game was made before my knowledge of the DIMGROB_P and BLIT_P commands (although an intro transition using them was added afterward), but as you'll see on-calc, even if I have to refresh the entire screen content every frame, I still get insane FPS. Because of how incredibly fast this calc is, this is why I manage to get such high framerate even with redrawing the entire screen rectangles and score text every frame. As for the multicolor and 3D-ish text effects, they are possible because the HP Prime lets you use text with no background, so all you have to do is superpose multiple copies of that text, gradually changing its color and position through a FOR loop. This also lets you use bold text. To play, just use the UP and DOWN keys and quit with ON. Here is a Youtube video by Critor of it running on a real calc, but the text color is different and it runs a little slower, since it's an older version:

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  4. Supersonic Ball HP is an HP Prime remake of my TI-83 Plus and TI-84 Plus Axe Parser platformer. It features parallax animated backgrounds and sprites like the original and was written in HP PPL. For speed reasons a G2 model is recommended but since version 0.30 beta the gameplay speed has increased dramatically and there are now 4 extra level types that weren't in the original 83+ version. Version 1.01 fixes the high score resetting itself to zero every time the game's code is opened by accident.

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  5. This program is a simple Conway's Game of Life simulator. It runs on a 64x64 bounded grid, and starts off with a random pattern.

    This program isn't as fast as less naive implementations, but it has a very small file size.

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  6. A port of the pacman game for the HP Prime.

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