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Name Description Average rating Downloads BirdRace is similar to Flappy Bird, except that it is easier and requires multiple players. No ratings 342 Allows Delicious Library 2 to import Lego sets from the Peeron database. No ratings 324 This is a program that creates a tilemap for the 84+CE. Enjoy! No ratings 281
asmz80.tar.bz2 This xml file allows programs that use Katepart to highlight z80 syntax in ASxxxx dialect. No ratings 266 This patch provides support for SSD1289-based LCDs at 240x320 pixel resolution on Angstrom Linux for AM335x-based Beaglebone embedded development board. With minimal work, it can probably be ported to other embedded systems based around TI MPUs with similar LCDC modules. You can… 8.3/10 (3) 1816 BinPac8x v1.3 is a Python-language program that is intended to solve the problem of assembling and linking z80 programs for TI-82, TI-83+, TI-83+ Silver, TI-84+, TI-84+ Silver, TI-85, and TI-86 calculators on Windows 7 and on Linux. Previous programs such as DevPac8x were writte… No ratings 607
calcpkg.tar.gz This is a tool that lets you download, install, update, and search for files ("packages") from and other community sites from the command line. It uses Python 2.x, and therefore requires a version of that to run. See the Readme for more information and the Changelog f… No ratings 337 globalCALCnet is a method of connecting networks of graphing calculators over the internet. A gCn bridge is a piece of software that provides extra services to calculators connected to the gCn metahub. It pretends to be a calculator itself, using the special address AAAAAAAAAA o… No ratings 328 This is an SDK that lets you easily make programs and libraries for GlassOS. No ratings 247 Welcome to the GAME OF LAME! (I spent less than an hour making this, so don't expect much) You are a pedestrian (walking)! You want to cross the street to get to your destination. There are also bad guys (I know right, great name) that will hurt you if you walk on their street… No ratings 230 With this new, fairly sensible and straightforward method you can generate highly probable primes beyond big. In candidates.txt an example that holds up to all testing so far is p5M# + p5M + 490.That is over 37 million digits! Any probable prime discovered using these tools i… No ratings 343 This program takes a high level language of my creation and generates an optimized .asm version for compilation with most z80 compilers. Also it converts monochrome bitmaps to assembly or C files for z80, 68k, or C up to 320x240. The same QASM code can compile flawlessly for Ion… No ratings 206 gedit ("Text Editor" in newer versions of GNOME) is a great tool for developers, featuring syntax highlighting, parenthesis matching, and automatic indentation among other things. It's great for all your coding needs, but it also has a conspicuous lack of syntax support for Z80 … No ratings 1183
z80hex.tar.gz z80hex is a program used to package compiled assembly programs or ASCII hex files to TI-83/84 programs (.8xp). z80hex is easily portable and can be compiled to any device out there with g++. It will automatically add the headers for the TI-83/84 and the TI-84+CSE (BB6D/EF69) for… No ratings 222