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Name Description Average rating Downloads This is an example, simply so you get the idea of how a mod should be layed out. The descriptors (I.E. NAME:, AUTHOR: etc.) are seperated from the actual string (I.E. Example Mod, CyberPrime etc.) by a TAB. Keep in mind that descriptions can be on multiple lines, and will app… No ratings 248 Everyone is flocking to replace their outdated incandescent bulbs with new high-tech Compact Florescent Lights. I figured I'd hop on the bandwagon and model my own for use in freebuild maps. This zip features both a 'lit' and 'unlit' version, both of which are suitable anywhere … No ratings 287 Here is the flatmap from TOB, but re-made from scratch... hope you enjoy it! ^_^ No ratings 194 map for use in Freebuild made by fiveforce No ratings 183