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Anything to 8xv Application Converts any file to an application variable. Max file size 64k No ratings 1144 Have you ever needed to take a forum post and type it p on a wiki? It was always a pain to change up the formatting to make things presentable. A converter would be very helpful. Well, now there is a converter, written in Ruby and available for OSX, Windows, and Linux. Enjoy! No ratings 336 BirdRace is similar to Flappy Bird, except that it is easier and requires multiple players. No ratings 342 This was my first entry into CC18: Winter Wonderland. You are a match and must dodge snowflakes and collect powerups to increase your score and avoid getting snuffed out. New updates: Now saves a highscore and a few graphical issues have been fixed. Enjoy! No ratings 297 <b>Update:</b> If you need a full TI-83+/TI-84+ TI-BASIC program editor/viewer, try <a href="">SourceCoder</a><br /><br /> This small and nifty program will open a TI-83+ program file (.8xp) and display the source code in a textbox. It can also display fo… 5/10 (1) 1364 This is a library for .Net for interfacing with globalCALCnet. With just some simple code you can quickly develop software that interfaces with calculators and other computers on globalCALCnet. Also included is an implementation of Chat!, a chat program written to use CALCnet by… 9/10 (2) 706 For CC20 the ArTICL library was used to make a calculator controlled boat. 10/10 (1) 198 Calc Hub is a program that provides a central hub for calc sites. Calc Hub also includes a built in IRCclient. No ratings 494 I made a resource pack for Minecraft that changes the main menu to a panorama of the Cemetech-MC 1.12 world. This can go directly in %appdata%\.minecraft\resourcepacks\ without unzipping it. 10/10 (1) 264 Circles is a text-based program that I wrote for my geometry final project that is designed to teach various concepts and calculations involving circles. It generates random practice problems and then checks the user’s answer, awarding points if it is correct and explaining how … No ratings 185 This tool allows editing of the Doors CS 7 font table for use with its rendering routine. No ratings 256 You are a stoplight operator and must control the lights at an intersection in order to prevent crashes. Each stoplight is controlled by its set of three keys (QAZ, WSX, IJN, and OKM). Cars slowly speed up over time and traffic slowly gets worse, so see how long you can last! I … No ratings 201 This is a program that creates a tilemap for the 84+CE. Enjoy! No ratings 281 A usefull tool to convert any image to hex data for the Axe Pt-Mask( command No ratings 518 This is a imitation of Minecraft 2D. I have never played Minecraft 2D. It is kinda nice. I sincerely hope that I will not get cussed out for making it, 'specially as it is beta software. It is coded in QBasic 1.1 on a Windows 3.1 computer with 640 KB of RAM, so the closer to… No ratings 648 PartyMode 2.0 is an audio-reactive lighting system that can also be used for illumination, documented at Cemetech. This compressed folder contains PartyModeFFT.ino, the Arduino source code for the firmware used in the project. The audio-processing code was partially inspired by … No ratings 384 This was my second entry into CC18: Winter Wonderland. It shows the "present time" by which I mean the time in present numbers. No ratings 246 This utility is a plugin for the pixel-pushing program GrafX2, that easily converts sprites and pictures into RGB 565 values and dumps them into a .h file that can be immediately used for Casio fxCG-10/20 Prizm development. This allows for practical use of GrafX2 as a spritin… 10/10 (1) 435 A simple one-octave piano controlled with the keyboard. It can be shifted to higher and lover keys as well. No ratings 290 A two player pong game, in a circle. No ratings 407 All you need to know: * Don't run into anything * Click to shoot, but each wasted shot subtracts from your score * ESC to quit * Spacebar to start and pause/unpause the game. * Your rate of point accumulation is proportional to your velocity, which is proportional to … No ratings 378 An inventory editor for the game Sir, You Are Being Hunted. Now works with .NET 3.5. No ratings 3670 This program allows for you to run a private bukkit server. This is used to use bukkit plugins like WorldEdit and Essentials in any of your single player worlds. with little to no setup, easy connection, and no need to install this is the easiest and most portable way to use buk… No ratings 639 Update: Now with a map editor for xLIBC! TokenIDE is an Interactive Development Environment for TI-BASIC for the TI-73, TI-82, TI-83, TI-83+ series, TI-84+ series, and the TI-84+ Color Silver Edition. Now includes support for xLibC! Its goal is to provide BASIC programmers the a… 8.8/10 (11) 5000 My first full-blown pygame/python game, still being developed. There will be updates to it whenever major progress is made. Try to survive the enemies and zombies as long as possible! No ratings 296 This is a little tool I made to make recoloring sprites in the game Wolfenstein3D easier. It allows you map all pixels of one color to another based on the selected palette, so if you wanted, for example, to recolor all the greys to green, you could do that very simply. No ratings 1026 This is just a simple tool that you can use to control your computer with your TI-Z80 via a SilverLink. I've made it as user friendly as I can, short of using a Win32/GTK+ GUI. Installation information is included with the bundled readme. Note: One of the requirements is a wo… 9/10 (1) 778 Requires python 3 or higher! This is an interpreted language I wrote for fun in python. It works off of a stack that can be pushed/popped from both ends. There are a quite a few example programs. Read the included README for a list of instructions and what they do. No ratings 98 globalCALCnet or gCn allows calculators to network from two feet, two miles, or two thousand miles away. gCn consists of a client program that must be run on a computer, as well as a way to connect your calculator(s) and computers. This can be a mini-USB cable for a TI-84+ or TI… 9.8/10 (6) 1618 This program allows you to connect to gCn very easily, you practically don't use a computer anymore, you set everything over the calculator. Check it out in action over here: No ratings 477 This simple program converts files with lines of the form "timestamp latitude longitude" (where timestamp is in seconds of epoch time and latitude and longitude are signed decimal numbers) into KML files. It even does intelligent sensing of where the GPS or device has been turn… No ratings 469 Welcome to the GAME OF LAME! (I spent less than an hour making this, so don't expect much) You are a pedestrian (walking)! You want to cross the street to get to your destination. There are also bad guys (I know right, great name) that will hurt you if you walk on their street… No ratings 231 A simple python program to convert any image to a 4 level grayscale Ti 84/84 Axe program "image" instead of only black and white. No ratings 187 Command line tool, written in python, to turn Omnicalc music into FloppyTunes music. No ratings 337 With this new, fairly sensible and straightforward method you can generate highly probable primes beyond big. In candidates.txt an example that holds up to all testing so far is p5M# + p5M + 490.That is over 37 million digits! Any probable prime discovered using these tools i… No ratings 343 This is a well documented run with the libgmp library. Anybody wanting to go beyond the current timeout limit (x = 4) will have to configure their web server to allow longer processing. It is a php5 script for use with Apache, but should be compatible with other server. Be sure … No ratings 409 Scouter 2, or Feedscreamer, is at its core a simple Python application to read RSS feeds via Text To Speech (TTS). However, it has expanded to track location via GPS, check your mail, play you music, and various other tasks. Grab it and read the readme to learn more and give i… No ratings 437
sysmon.tar.gz SysMon is a set of server and clients to monitor multiple *nix servers from a single interface. It consists of a tiny client Bash + Python script run as a cron on machines to be monitored, a small Python daemon to receive and store client data, and a C/ncurses program to aggreg… No ratings 520 A simple utility to convert video files to files that the TI-83/84 Plus (SE) can play. Requires Python, FFmpeg, and a few other libraries mentioned in the ReadMe. Does not do audio. This runs on Windows but can run on other platforms with some modification. 10/10 (1) 299 Wikipedia, the free online encyclopedia, contains a wealth of intellectually and monetarily free content (in common terminology, “free as in speech and free as in beer”). The sheer number of users editing the corpus means that the majority of the articles are well-written and la… No ratings 450