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Name Description Average rating Downloads CBL Console provides a quick and easy way to test CBL commands without cluttering the homescreen. Designed for use with the TI CBL, TI CBL 2, or Vernier LabPro. Now features additional commands! 9/10 (1) 217 CBLM is a modular CBL program that both provides a fast way to collect data and provides developers with tools to quickly create CBL programs. It supports the standard set of CBL/CBL2 sensors along with numerous other Vernier sensors. No ratings 211 This is a port of the mouse and cheese game from the 'Programming the TI-83+/TI-84+' book to the 68k series of calculators. No ratings 184
DDR A lot like the original game. Just press the arrow keys as they pass. No ratings 218 This is a simple extrema finder for the TI-89/T/92/+/V200 series coded entirely in basic. No ratings 74 This program calculates solar elevation and azimuth from UTC time. v3.0 supports two external programs and two locations. This version requires clock functionality for the program to run properly; preferably TI-89 Titanium. TI-89 HW2 should work with OS 2.09. 3/10 (1) 260 This ship database gives the the names, registry numbers, and classes of 156 different starships from the Star Trek universe. Screenshots in reade-me file. No ratings 319 This is a [URL=]Merthese[/URL] interpreter for all 68k calculators written in 68k Basic. It supports the Merthing @ Kerm extension, but not the w\ Nikky extension. 10/10 (1) 275 This is 68k port of KermM's polygon drawer that is included in his excellent programming book. I only ported the source to 68k Basic. No ratings 190 Riemann Sums allows you to input a function in terms of x, an interval, and the number of rectangles. It will then give you 7 choices: Left, Right, Midpoint, Trapezoidal, All, About, and Quit. The first four choices allow you to perform individual calculations. Choosing All p… No ratings 246