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  1. This is a simple math question answering game.
    Has questions of varying difficulty.
    Has a high score feature.

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  2. BasicNote is an advanced text-editor written completely in the calculator's TI-Basic language!
    It is perfect for when you need to jot down a quick note, or even if you want to have fun creating several pages of notes. The program has several features that you might expect from a text editor, but that you probably weren't expecting from a TI-Basic text editor! Such things are text selecting and copy/paste, find&replace text, word wrapping and line breaks, special characters, auto saving, error detection and more. After 2 years of hard work, it is finally ready for the first release. Questions? Bug reports? Post in the thread:

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  3. I got this idea from my sister when she needed to learn her math facts. Should be self explanitory

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  4. Track any satellite in real time!
    Orbit84 allows you to see the path of a satellite in real time.
    For example, with this program, you can find out if the ISS is currently visible,
    or follow a HAM radio satellite to see if it's reachable.
    This program uses many complex algorithms, such as SGP, to find the precise position of a satellite and display it on a beautiful color map.

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  5. Study is a completely on-calculator flashcard and self-quiz suite in TI-BASIC for the TI-84 Plus CE (it's untested on the TI-84 Plus C Silver Edition but may still work). There are three programs: STUDY, INITSTDY, and INITDRAW. See the file "README.txt" for detailed instructions and other information regarding each program.

    I hope that the Study suite will be useful and would greatly appreciate any and all comments, suggestions, and/or bug reports (especially regarding usage on the TI-84 Plus C Silver Edition as I do not own one on which to test the Study suite myself)!

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  6. This program will scramble a sentence of words, jumbling the letters of each word, but leaving the first and last letter the same. This was inspired by a study done by cambridge university (read about it here: Use this program to see how the human brain can read words without spelling it right, as long as the first and last letters are the same. Use it for personal discoverey, and show your friends!

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  7. This is used to practice your math facts. You can do addition all the way to Trig. It is useful for teachers who want their kids to practice their math facts.
    This volume now uses lowercase letters, Goto instead of prgm and negative numbers

    Plz unarchive this prgm if you are not using cesium

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  8. Math Spitter is the first program I made and the only working program I have made in a long time. The program features multiplication, addition, and division. Basically, this program spits out random equations (solvable ones) and you have to answer them. It also has a timer and results at the end so you know how you did. The program contains a readme file that has instructions on how to install this on your calculator.

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