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Name Description Average rating Downloads This program is a modified version of Cesium, called AGAME that does not let the user transfer games to other calculators. It also provides a passcode feature to Cesium. Please note that someone with strong calculator knowledge may be able to get around these features, so Cesium… 8.3/10 (3) 2077 BOSshell, coming to a CE near you! This program aims to provide a simple GUI and system for interfacing with files and file viewers/editors. It works with the standard Asm header, as well as its own filetyping system. Now with better UI, programs in the file system, improved s… 5/10 (3) 1423 FSH or Fsh SHell is a extendable and compact shell for the TI-84 Plus CE calculator written in ez80 asm. Version 0.1.0 It can't do much right now, but just wait and see! No ratings 194 PHASM is a shell which is invisible. You'll not see him, but it will make your life easier! ** Features : - Works on Ti-84+CE and Ti-83 Premium CE - Executes archived (sub-)programs - Executes assembly (sub-)programs (without the Asm( suffix) - Allows you to jump to … 9.2/10 (4) 1997 Xenon is a sleek shell and launcher program that has support for running programs and Terminal, an organized and Astonishing GUI. running commands, Password lock your shell and much more with Xenon. Download now! Version [Beta] 0.1.1 No ratings 370 This program is a slim shell and launcher program that has support for running programs regardless of archive status, an organized and colorful GUI. Hide programs, lock BASIC programs from editing, rename files and more with Cesium. Enjoy! Version 3.2.2 9.6/10 (35) 14281